To the parliamentarians out there: Is this legal?

At the 99th Legislative District Republican Committee meeting on December 14, 2009:


To download, click here (139 KB MP3).

I don’t have a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order so I’m not too familiar with parliamentarian procedure. Anyone want to help?

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Witch-hunt in the 99th House District.

I first got wind of this little witch-hunt at the 1st Congressional District Republican Committee meeting on December 11th. I was sitting in the back of the room when Bill Kling (Crabill’s campaign manger) went to up Larry Kile (King George County Republican Committee Chairman), who was sitting about ten feet away from me, and starting talking. While I couldn’t hear everything that was being said I did hear, “Caroline”, “Jeff”, “censured by the central committee”, and “not going to be Chairman much longer”.

See, that’s the problem with loud mouths: They don’t think — if they ever think — to check to see who’s around them before they starting running their mouths. The even funnier part was when it came to introduce any guests that were present at the meeting: I introduced myself and Larry Kile responded clear as day from ten feet away: “Ugh, that’s him!” That quote now graces my subtitle and will be staying there for a while.

Then there was the 99th Legislative District Committee meeting on December 14th. After spending over an hour hurling insults at the bloggers, at the statewide candidates, and at Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) Chairman Pat Mullins, the committee went into executive session.

After executive session, the committee voted 4–0 (Jeff Sili was at a School Board meeting from what I’ve heard and not present to vote) directing the Chairman, R. Allen Webb, to draft and send a letter asking that Caroline County Republican Committee Jeff Sili be censured and removed as Chairman of the Caroline Committee.

His crime? Not supporting Catherine “OKC Truther” Crabill in her run for Delegate.

Um, Jeff Sili is the only person that’s expressed an inkling of common sense and intelligence in this whole fiasco. The Caroline delegation unanimously voted against nominating the OKC Truther as a Republican. The Caroline Committee also decided that her name shouldn’t be included on their sample ballots for the district. And that decision was definitely clairvoyant because the day of the election, Catherine Crabill’s supporters were responsible for the theft of several Democratic signs, which were replaced with her signs, at the Bowling Green Town Hall (the district’s polling place). Definitely the type of campaign I want to associate myself and my committee with.

But, of course, the folks on 99th District Committee would vote for David Duke if he had an R by his name and harshly attack anyone that dared to oppose his candidacy (“He shares out values! His opponent is anti-family!”, etc.). I notice they decided not to formally request that Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, or Ken Cuccinelli be censured (for Pat Mullins see below). They also don’t seem to have a problem with Chris Saxman, who openly endorsed Delegate Pollard for reelection.

Apparently the true Republicans in the district (not the ten people that show up for the 99th District Committee meetings) weren’t too upset with Bob McDonnell’s opposition to Crabill since he won with 69% of the vote in the district (Bolling got 66% and Cuccinelli got 67%) .

The 99th District Committee also approved a motion, again 4–0, directing Webb to draft and send a letter “expressing displeasure” at RPV Chairman Pat Mullins for his refusal to support the OKC Truther.

Hopefully Pat Mullins gives them the Dick Cheney treatment (anyone else remember what Cheney said to Patrick Leahy?).

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Holy cow, R. Allen Webb is making up new Congressional districts too.

Fresh off the news that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (i.e. the stimulus act) has created over a dozen new Congressional districts (I’m running in the new 00 district myself), it looks like Chairman R. Allen Webb of the 99th House of Delegates Republican Committee has created a new Congressional district himself. From an official call for a meeting of the committee on December 14th:


Oi, some typo.

Any chance we get a motion of no confidence against this dolt?

Rob Wittman condemns Catherine Crabill, refuses to support or endorse her candidacy.

The Free Lance–Star:

Rep. Rob Wittman has joined other top Republican leaders in the state who are shunning Catherine T. Crabill, a controversial candidate for the Northern Neck’s seat in the House of Delegates.

Wittman spokesman Steve Stampley said last week that the congressman from Montross will endorse neither Crabill nor incumbent Albert Pollard, D-Lancaster, in the race for the House seat Wittman once held.

Wittman also has no plans to appear with Crabill at campaign events or to donate money to her campaign, Stampley said.

I wonder what R. Allen Webb will have to say about this latest development. Maybe he’ll see the writing on the wall now.

Probably not, but I’ve always been an optimist. And I have no idea why in this particular case give previous actions by people in the 99th district.

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99th House of Delegates Mass Meeting: Video: A lot of the delegates wanted to be sure that they could vote against the kook.

Again, the quality isn’t the best and you can hear me talking in the background (I’m the one with the slight country drawl).

Caroline County Chairman Jeff Sili originally started this discussion off by asking a question about the proposed meeting rules but I don’t remember the exact question Sili posed to Webb. Unfortunately, the portion of the video covering Sili’s question is messed up on the MiniDV tape. I guess that’s what I get for using a MiniDV tape that’s two or three years old.

Also, the woman that is seconding all the motions is part of the Caroline County delegation but I didn’t catch her name.

And for a great example of the quality of leadership this committee has, jump to 5:20 in part two and watch the whole room correct Allen Webb on what a Yes or No vote means on a particular motion.

Part 1:

Part 2:

You know, I’m starting to get annoyed with attacks on my “leftist” blog “that is used almost exclusively to support the Democrat Party”.

Seriously, two people made those comments.

The “leftist” comment comes from OKC Truther Catherine Crabill in an e-mail which was posted in a previous thread:

Feel free to share this with anyone who cares. I will not be bullied by a leftist blog who wouldn’t understand the truth or rightousness or freedom if it bit him you-know-where.

And then you have Allen Webb attacking someone for expressing his concern about the fact that there’s an OKC Truther who’s the presumptive nominee for the state’s legislative body:

To peddle a “quote”, opinion or analysis from a blog that is used almost exclusively to support the Democrat Party, which was motivated by a person who has expressly stated that he has (and still) supports Albert Pollard (the liberal Democrat incumbent whom this candidate will face), is reprehensible.

Holy cow, when did Bill Bolling, Ken Cuccinelli, and DJ McGuire (see right sidebar) become Democrats? I swore I was supporting them due to their impeccable conservative credentials, but alas, it must be because they’re Democrats.

I’m sure former Caroline County Supervisor Calvin Taylor, former Commonwealth’s Attorney Harvey Latney, and former Sheriff Homer Johnson (all Democrats) would get a good laugh out of that diatribe for sure.

Webb’s comments boils down to the fact that he has absolutely no defense to the fact that he’s supporting a candidate that has gone on the record several times saying that the federal government was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, so he has to result to ad hominem attacks. “Oh, he just supports Democrats, ipso facto, he’s lying!” I guess The Washington Times, Outside Magazine, High County News, and Catherine Crabill herself must also support Democrats “exclusively” as well, since they’re the ones responsible for the quotations.

For crying out loud, this woman has stated herself, both on blogs and e-mails to Allen Webb, that the federal government was responsible for this:

But don’t believe your lying eyes, after all, this is a “leftist” blog “that is used almost exclusively to support the Democrat Party”.

Is Ronald Webb planning a run against Albert Pollard next year in the 99th District?

Albert Pollard (D) won the special election for the 99th House of Delegates District in February against Lee Anne Washington (R).

Rob Wittman (R) had previously represented the 99th District until he won a special election to replace the late Jo Ann Davis for the 1st Congressional District in December 2007.

Ronald Webb (R) previously ran against Albert Pollard for the 99th District in 2001, losing 38.47% to 61.49%.

From April to July 2008, Webb received $7,138.91 in contributions, including $4,763.91 from the First Congressional District of Virginia Republican Committee and a $1,225 contribution from himself.

In that same period, Webb spent $1,225 for a “campaign manager”, $895 on “political flyers”, and $2,128.20 on “political signs”.

Webb has also been sending letters to The Caroline Progress constantly attacking Albert Pollard.

So, is he considering a run next year?