Witch-hunt in the 99th House District.

I first got wind of this little witch-hunt at the 1st Congressional District Republican Committee meeting on December 11th. I was sitting in the back of the room when Bill Kling (Crabill’s campaign manger) went to up Larry Kile (King George County Republican Committee Chairman), who was sitting about ten feet away from me, and starting talking. While I couldn’t hear everything that was being said I did hear, “Caroline”, “Jeff”, “censured by the central committee”, and “not going to be Chairman much longer”.

See, that’s the problem with loud mouths: They don’t think — if they ever think — to check to see who’s around them before they starting running their mouths. The even funnier part was when it came to introduce any guests that were present at the meeting: I introduced myself and Larry Kile responded clear as day from ten feet away: “Ugh, that’s him!” That quote now graces my subtitle and will be staying there for a while.

Then there was the 99th Legislative District Committee meeting on December 14th. After spending over an hour hurling insults at the bloggers, at the statewide candidates, and at Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) Chairman Pat Mullins, the committee went into executive session.

After executive session, the committee voted 4–0 (Jeff Sili was at a School Board meeting from what I’ve heard and not present to vote) directing the Chairman, R. Allen Webb, to draft and send a letter asking that Caroline County Republican Committee Jeff Sili be censured and removed as Chairman of the Caroline Committee.

His crime? Not supporting Catherine “OKC Truther” Crabill in her run for Delegate.

Um, Jeff Sili is the only person that’s expressed an inkling of common sense and intelligence in this whole fiasco. The Caroline delegation unanimously voted against nominating the OKC Truther as a Republican. The Caroline Committee also decided that her name shouldn’t be included on their sample ballots for the district. And that decision was definitely clairvoyant because the day of the election, Catherine Crabill’s supporters were responsible for the theft of several Democratic signs, which were replaced with her signs, at the Bowling Green Town Hall (the district’s polling place). Definitely the type of campaign I want to associate myself and my committee with.

But, of course, the folks on 99th District Committee would vote for David Duke if he had an R by his name and harshly attack anyone that dared to oppose his candidacy (“He shares out values! His opponent is anti-family!”, etc.). I notice they decided not to formally request that Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, or Ken Cuccinelli be censured (for Pat Mullins see below). They also don’t seem to have a problem with Chris Saxman, who openly endorsed Delegate Pollard for reelection.

Apparently the true Republicans in the district (not the ten people that show up for the 99th District Committee meetings) weren’t too upset with Bob McDonnell’s opposition to Crabill since he won with 69% of the vote in the district (Bolling got 66% and Cuccinelli got 67%) .

The 99th District Committee also approved a motion, again 4–0, directing Webb to draft and send a letter “expressing displeasure” at RPV Chairman Pat Mullins for his refusal to support the OKC Truther.

Hopefully Pat Mullins gives them the Dick Cheney treatment (anyone else remember what Cheney said to Patrick Leahy?).

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Bill Kling: Just as crazy as Crabill.


If you want to download the whole file to your hard-drive click here (11.6 MB MP3).

Things to consider as you listen to the audio:

  1. Winning against no one with 63.89% of the vote is a “substantial margin”?
  2. Of course, the federal government dared to provide response and recovery operations when a federal building was destroyed (federal jurisdiction) and a large quantity of explosives were used (again, federal jurisdiction).
  3. Yes, that evil liberal Washington Times misquoted her. I blame the Reverend Sun Myung Moon.
  4. It’s nice to see him getting friendly with 9/11 conspiracy theorists like Jesse Ventura. ‘Oh, I don’t agree with him, but he raises the same points about 9/11 that Cathrine does about Oklahoma City.’ Uh-huh…
  5. And, yes, those evil blogs like Virginia Virtucon. Interesting fact: The 99th Legislative District Committee’s website actually links to Virtucon.
  6. And it’s nice to see that Bill Kling confirms everything that the Democrats have been saying about the “tea party” movement: There nothing but a bunch of crazy Republican astroturfers.
  7. And how does comparing your town to Mayberry make the people “country bumpkins”? Last time I watched The Andy Griffith Show, everyone on the show, for the most part, was portrayed as being pretty smart (Barney and Otis being the exceptions). What Mrs. Sili was saying is that she didn’t want to have to work with people the day after election after supporting someone that called anyone that disagreed with her a “traitor”.
  8. And, of course, that evil Albert Pollard engineered a conspiracy to call Catherine Crabill’s home! Call the police! And, funny, when I was doing door-to-door in Spotsylvania County for the Republicans I encountered a bunch of solid Dems that were on the Republican lists. So I guess I was engaging in “voter suppression”.

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On the banning of commenters.

I’ve recently been forced to implement the first ever ban of a commenter on this blog. Now, I’ve been forced to remove spam and the like for years. I’ve also been forced to remove or redact a vulgarity or two from a comment, as well as removing one comment that contained a rumor with false and defaming information. I have also removed a comment or two at the request of the commenter. But none of those incidents were outright bans and the persons involved retained their commenting abilities.

The recipient of this first ever ban is “Jason Soiman”. Why the quotes, you might be asking? Well, that’s a long story. It all started back on June 6, 2009, when “Jason Soiman” posted a comment saying that Catherine Crabill had just received a $1,000,000 inheritance from her mother’s estate which would fund her election campaign. Now, “Soiman” was mum on details even after I asked “him” how this was possible when Crabill currently has her $875,000 home on the market. She also has five or six siblings, so if Crabill managed to get a $1,000,000 inheritance, that must have been on big frakin’ pot to begin with. After I asked those questions to “Soiman”, “he” stated: “I really don’t know that much about Catherine Crabill’s finances”. Yeah, obviously.

And since then, “Soiman” has been a somewhat regular commenter on this space, with comments ranging from regularly taking up for Representative Rob Wittman (R-1st) to attacking Delegate Chris Peace (R-97th) for posting a comment on this blog.

“Soiman”‘s commenting reached its end yesterday, however, when “he” posted two comments claiming that Sheriff Tony Lippa had a been a big  supporter of now-Supervisor Jeff Sili’s election campaign in 2007. “He” claimed, inter alia, that Lippa was at Sili’s campaign kickoff event in July 2007, yet Lippa’s presence isn’t noted in a press release from Sili’s own campaign (which also appeared in The Caroline Progress), despite naming every local politician that had attended the event. Mix in some more lies from “Soiman” which totally clash with the personality types of the people involved and you have a couple of comments from “him”.

I eventually decided to ban “Soiman” from posting anymore comments on this blog. I despise liars to begin with but when someone lies and the person’s claims can be easily refuted by a simple Google Search it annoys me even more. And, for crying out loud, if you’re going to lie about someone, at least make sure that the actions that you claim someone did are consistent with the person’s personality.

After I implemented the ban, I decided to do a little research. First, I Googled “Soiman”‘s name and found several comments on other blogs attacking John Brownlee and even a profile on RPV Network.

Then I Googled “his” e-mail address: nothing.

But then I Googled “his” IP address. Guess what came up? Fredtalk. And not just Fredtalk, but posts on FredTalk from one “oharascarlett”. Who is “oharascarlett”, you might be asking? Why, that would be Susan Sili’s username on Fredtalk of course. Susan Sili is, of course, the wife of Caroline County Republican Committee Chairman and Caroline County Board of Supervisors member Jeff Sili. And who did Jeff Sili endorse for the Republican nomination for Attorney General? Why, Ken Cuccinelli. And who was one of Cuccinelli’s opponents? John Brownlee. It all comes together doesn’t it?

That obviously pathological liar has been posting on this blog for over a month and I just figured it out. Grr…

After this whole experience, I feel that I need to lay out some ground rules for commenting in the future:

1.) Don’t lie.

2.) If you’re going to lie (see Rule #1), at least make sure your lies can’t be refuted by a simple Google Search.

3.) If you’re going to lie (see Rule #1), make sure that the nonexistent actions that you attribute to someone don’t completely clash with the person’s personality.

If you’re found to be in violation of these rules, with me being the sole arbitrator of that, you will be banned.

Besides that, comment away.

But before we go, I want to share a couple of lines from Atlas Shrugged:

“But don’t I have any freedom of speech?”

“In your own house. Not in mine.”

“Don’t I have a right to my own ideas?

“At your own expense. Not at mine.”

“Don’t you tolerate any differences of opinion?”

“Not when I’m paying the bills.”

99th House of Delegates Mass Meeting: Video: A lot of the delegates wanted to be sure that they could vote against the kook.

Again, the quality isn’t the best and you can hear me talking in the background (I’m the one with the slight country drawl).

Caroline County Chairman Jeff Sili originally started this discussion off by asking a question about the proposed meeting rules but I don’t remember the exact question Sili posed to Webb. Unfortunately, the portion of the video covering Sili’s question is messed up on the MiniDV tape. I guess that’s what I get for using a MiniDV tape that’s two or three years old.

Also, the woman that is seconding all the motions is part of the Caroline County delegation but I didn’t catch her name.

And for a great example of the quality of leadership this committee has, jump to 5:20 in part two and watch the whole room correct Allen Webb on what a Yes or No vote means on a particular motion.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Why are we [the county] paying this guy $18,693.20 a year?

Jeff Sili at the November 13, 2008 Board of Supervisors meeting:

[flv:https://www.imsurroundedbyidiots.com/videos/gardengnome.flv 352 240]

Well, look what yours truly (this enterprising hate-blogger), found in five minutes of looking at the county’s web site. Caroline County Zoning Ordinance, Article XV, Section 19, Resource Sensitive Area Overlay District, Purpose and Intent (p. 15-56):

The purpose of this district is to protect and promote the public health, safety and general welfare by encouraging the most desirable development and use of land along the Route 17/Rappahannock River Valley corridor that reflects the historical development patterns within the corridor, to encourage architectural designs and land development patterns which result in functional and attractive relationships between buildings, cultural, historical, natural and scenic resources and the surrounding areas, and to preserve the agricultural use of land that dominates the corridor.

It is the intent of this district to implement the Resource Sensitive Area designation of the Comprehensive Plan.

And the Permitted Uses in the Resource Sensitive Area Overlay District, Section 19.5 (Ibid., at p. 15-57) [emphasis mine]:

All uses permitted by right or by special exception/use in the underlying zoning district(s).

And the Caroline County Comprehensive Plan, Chapter Eight – Land Use (p. 8-9 – 8-11):


The land bounded by the Rappahannock River, Portobago Creek, the Fort A.P. Hill Boundary and Snow Creek (collectively the “Corridor”) is an unusual, if not unique, area for a number of reasons.

The area is the location of significant wetlands. These wetlands function as habitat for numerous species, including game species and threatened or endangered species. Eagles nest along portion portions of the Corridor. The area is a watershed for the Rappahannock River, a significant tributary of the Chesapeake Bay. The Rappahannock River is an unusually scenic river that is used for recreational purposes as well as water supply.

The area has attracted people for centuries, resulting in rich archeological resources ranging from prehistoric to colonial artifacts and sites. Because so much of the area has remained in private hands through the years, these resources have remained largely untapped.

The Corridor area is separated from the balance of the County by Fort A.P. Hill, which results in the funneling of commercial traffic into other jurisdictions such as Fredericksburg and Tappahannock. Because of the planned location of a commuter station near Fredericksburg, there will be an increase in the pressure for development within the Corridor. Traditional forms of unrestricted large lot subdivision development within the Corridor have not achieved the results desired by the County.

Large lot development still require that County services be extended to the Corridor area. Fire and police protection must be provided. Schools must be provided, and school buses still must travel to the most remote ends of the County. Unrestricted large lot development often leaves control of significant archeological features in private hands as well as leaving significant environmental features controlled by individuals and often unavailable to the public. Such development has the potential for increased runoff into the river and the unregulated destruction of both the scenic natures of the river and significant habitat features such as eagle roosting trees.

Unrestricted large lot development within the Corridor will likely preclude the achievement of other goals deemed significant by the County. Farms may not be protected or preserved, they may simply be divided into large housing tracts. If overall density is kept too low within this portion of the County, then the goals of stimulating new commercial development will not be achieved and the money of County residents will continue to be spent in other jurisdictions and the accompanying tax dollars associated with such expenditures will benefit those other jurisdictions.

Finally, because development pressure generated by the proximity of the commuter rail and the beauty of the Corridor is likely to be strong, detailed planning for this area is warranted.

Consequently, the Corridor is designated a “Resource Sensitive Area” (Figure 8-9) in which the following additional objectives are to be pursued:


Objective 1

Encourage the use of innovative designs and planning to achieve goals which may be especially important within the Corridor. Encourage the use of planned unit developments, which cluster units and permanently preserve large areas of open space. Such developments should be designed to achieve the following:

  1. To develop according to a design derived from the natural forms while striving to preserve
    existing terrain, vegetation and other natural features;
  2. To develop a mixture of private and public uses that are organized in such a way as to be compatible with each other and with surrounding areas;
  3. To develop creatively, producing an efficient network of streets, walkways, utilities, and open areas;
  4. To develop a broad range of housing types and styles;
  5. To develop communities in which the social and community interaction is encouraged through a balanced mixture of compatible uses and through the provision of public or quasi-public facilities intended to foster social interaction;
  6. To develop according to high standards of land planning and site design in order to create
    distinctive visual character and identity for integrated development;
  7. To develop so that facilities and programs reduce reliance on the private automobile as a
    means of transportation and reduce the effect of development on the transportation network; and
  8. To develop so that necessary public facilities will be available contemporaneously with occupancy of new development by its citizens.
  9. To encourage the preservation of agricultural/forestal lands by preserving open space and reducing the potential for interface problems between agricultural/forestal and nonagricultural/forestal uses.

In general, the County desires to stimulate a flexible approach to land development that encourages the comprehensive design and integration of residential, commercial, cultural and recreational uses in a manner that will achieve the greatest harmony with the existing ecological balance in the area.

Objective 2

Require any development within a Resource Sensitive Area to document its likely impact in the following areas and to mitigate such impacts through necessary on-site and off-site measures:

  • Archeological resources;
  • Wetland resources;
  • River frontage and access;
  • Drainage and water quality;
  • County infrastructure and resulting fiscal impact;
  • Botanical and Wildlife habitat with special attention to threatened or endangered species;
  • Existing Agricultural or timbering operations.

In undertaking assessment of these impacts the developer should consider the impact of other existing and planned developments within the Corridor as well. The County should strive for a design concept that utilizes carefully planned communities to attract residential density into towns, which significantly reduce the resource impact of such development. These towns should be developed in a context that resists the development of immediately adjourning development for the distance necessary to accommodate any unfiltered residual impacts. Thus, significant development cannot be located immediately adjacent to areas already identified for development but instead must provide sufficient separation for full mitigation. Moreover, “infill” development must also overcome such impacts on the area’s resources. Designs, which result in substantial “greenbelts”, are to be particularly encouraged.

Objective 3

Require that all development within a Resource Sensitive Area limit the number and extent of accesses to the Rappahannock River (or any other significant adjacent waterbody) and specifically plan where public access to that waterbody may be appropriate. Development fronting upon the river should be required to reduce its visual impact on the river so that, in any event, the minimum necessary river frontage is opened or developed.

Objective 4

Recognizing that the studies required for development within the Resource Sensitive Area, the reservation of substantial open spaces and the limitations on development necessary to adequately protect the resource area are sometimes expensive, the County should, in cases where it is appropriate to do so, permit developments meeting the objectives set forth herein, but only when such development independent of other County revenues, generate sufficient revenues to provide the infrastructure necessary for support of such density, including but not limited to, adequate water and sewer facilities, public roads, and sites for schools and other municipal facilities.

Objective 5

Because of the importance of achieving the objectives set forth for the Resource Sensitive Area, developers should be encouraged to proffer resource related mitigation measures and to commit in detail to the parameters of any proposed development.

Objective 6

Encourage the “scenic” designation of Tidewater Trail (Route 17) in order to preserve its natural charm, beauty and historic character. The County recognizes, however, that Route 17 is a primary transportation link to Tidewater Virginia. As such, this road must continue to be used by all types of vehicles, including trucks and other commercial vehicles.

The goals and objectives set forth in this section are to be applicable to residential development and commercial uses, such as fast food restaurants, convenience stores or other commercial uses arising from residential development. These goals and objectives shall not be applied to, other commercial uses arising from residential development. These goals and objectives shall not be applied to, otherwise limit or interfere with, any use, such as agriculture, silviculture, horticulture or sand and gravel extraction operations, permitted by right or by special exception within the zoning district in the Corridor.

Especially note part of the last paragraph: “These goals and objectives shall not be applied to, otherwise limit or interfere with, any use, such as agriculture, silviculture, horticulture or sand and gravel extraction operations, permitted by right or by special exception within the zoning district in the Corridor.

Nice to see Jeff Sili is doing his job!

Good job ignoring the fact that Jeff Sili violated the Code of Virginia. And other stupidity from this week’s BOS meeting.

What, that’s the second or third time, right? It’s hard to keep track.

The Caroline County Board of Supervisors approved the rezoning of Belmont North 3–2 on Tuesday night. Supervisors Bobby Popowicz, Maxie Rozell, and Chairman Floyd Thomas voted to approve while Supervisors Wayne Acors and Jeff Sili voted against the rezoning.

Wayne Acors had his reasons (too much development in that area already); but Jeff Sili employed a logical fallacy (imagine that!) of a slippery slope argument stating that, “if we approve Belmont North, we have to also approve this 600 house subdivision working its way through the planning commission!”, instead of addressing Belmont North on its own merits.

As Chairman Floyd Thomas pointed out, the Code of Virginia requires that a rezoning/special exemption request or permit be accessed individually and on its own merits. To do otherwise is a violation of the Code of Virginia.

Here’s how The Free Lance–Fish Wrap wrote it up:

Supervisors Wayne Acors and Jeff Sili argued the board should not be creating more home sites when it has thousands of unbuilt residential lots and more development proposals in the pipeline.

Actually, Wayne Acors did not argue the second point. If you had paid attention, you would heard him say he thought there was too much development in that area already and not that were any other rezoning applicants coming forward.


He [Jeff Sili] also referenced another rezoning request by a different developer for more than 600 homes that is under review by the Planning Commission.

Sili noted that while he should consider the proposal based on its own merits, he was looking at the bigger picture, including other proposals.

“I don’t think we can fool ourselves by saying we are looking at one development,” he said.


[Chairman Floyd] Thomas [who represents the district the proposed rezoning is in] said he was going to look at the proposal individually. He noted tangible benefits to the county, such as the fire station.

“I can’t worry about what the next project or the next development is,” he said.


[Bobby] Popowicz said the Sealys went “above and beyond” to make their proposal attractive to the county.

To say the least.

The county’s stated proffer policy is $17,632.36 per house.

The Sealys proffered over $12,800,000 (if I remember the number correctly) for Belmont North which is a 530 home development. That’s over $24,150 per house. That’s 36% more than the county’s stated policy!

Included in that proffer is the land for, and the design and the construction of a new fire station that must been completed within 30 months.

There’s the 20 acres for the school at a mutually agreed upon location with the Sealys providing soil testing to the county for free.

Improvements to the roads in the area.

Berms and barriers next to existing land owners above and beyond the county’s stated policy on berms and barriers.

Prepayments to the county’s utility system that will pay for the borrowing on the infrastructure for the system for the next three years.

But that’s too technical for The Fish Wrap to mention, after all, they had to make space in that story for the important and pressing information that golf carts can now be used on public roads in the Caroline Pines subdivision.

Yeah, folks, that’s the hard news coming out of the Caroline County Board of Supervisors meeting this week.

So, which Caroline County Supervisor is leaking information from closed session meetings of the Board of Supervisors?

A couple months ago, a Caroline County citizen raised objections regarding the Caroline County Board of Supervisors, Caroline’s Promise, and Caroline’s Promise’s faith based initiatives. Separation of church and state and all that.

Feel free to argue amongst yourself as to whether you agree with Caroline’s Promise’s policies and programs or not, but that’s the topic of discussion for another post.

Here’s the topic of this post, however: If you heard over to the Caroline County forum on that waste-of-electrons known as FredTalk, you will see people taking about what the Attorney General said in an legal opinion that was provided to the Caroline County Board of Supervisors during a closed session meeting.

This opinion should be covered under closed session meeting standards, as well as under attorney/client privilege, and not be discussed with members of the public.

The opinion which information was leaked from was an informal/unofficial opinion that the Board requested to see if there were any problems that needed to be rectified immediately.

The Board has also requested an official, formal opinion that will be released to the public in the future, which hasn’t finished being prepared at this point.

County Administrator Percy Ashcraft has confirmed that a leak has occurred and stated that the leak didn’t come from anyone on the county staff.

He pointed out that there were only eight or nine people in the room. Three or four people were county staff: Percy Ashcraft; the county attorney; the deputy county administrator, and possibly Ashcraft’s administrative assistant (she skips the closed sessions sometimes due to the fact that no minutes have to be kept for closed sessions).

None of these persons have the position or reason to leak this information. The County Administrator’s Office would be smart enough not to discuss anyone without the proper “clearance”, and the county attorney should understand the principles of attorney/client privilege.

So, folks, who does that leave?

Well, those five lovely folks on the Board of Supervisors.

Now, which member of the Board of Supervisors has connections to that waste-of-electrons known as FredTalk?

Why, that would be Jeff Sili. His wife loves to post on that forum using the alias “oharascarlett” and is bestest buddies with the persons talking about the information contained in the legal opinion.

Not only that, but isn’t Susan Sili on the Board of Directors of Caroline’s Promise? Why, yes, I believe she is.

Sidebar: Anyone else see a conflict of interest in the Board of Supervisors appropriating money to an organization that is being ran by family members of the supervisors?

Of course, this isn’t the first time that confidential information has been leaked from the Board of Supervisors.

The last time around, it was Susan Sili posting about who would be hired for a job — nine days before there was an official announcement!

The person who was hired? A good friend of the Silis!

If I’m not mistaken, it’s against the law to leak information from a closed session. Even if it isn’t against the law, it’s a violation of the Board’s attorney/client privilege.

Has the Board of Supervisors launched an inquiry into this matter?

Are criminal charges being pursued at this point? Impeachment? Censure? Etc.

We need some “change and hope” in leadership at the Caroline County Republican Committee (CCRC).

The current leadership is, of course, provided by Jeff Sili.

If you take a look at the CCRC’s website, you would think that George Allen is running for the United States Senate this year based on the picture that is posted on their website (the Republican nominee is of course Jim Gilmore).

Of course, the reason that picture is still on their website is because the site hasn’t been updated since September 2006.

For another example of Sili’s incompetence, check out the Caroline County Agricultural Fair:

When I was there on Friday, the Caroline County Democratic Committee (CCDC) had a tent open with with at least three people handing out signs and materials and registering people to vote. (They also manage to keep their website up to date as well.)

What did the Republican Committee have at the fair?


You have an election coming up when the citizens of Caroline County will help to choose the President, a Senator, and two Congressmen, and the local Republican committee can’t be bothered to pay a few dollars for tent space in an attempt to turn out votes for fellow Republicans?

A Tale of Two Parties (and their respective websites)

The Caroline County Democratic Committee (CCDC) has their website at http://www.carolinedems.com/

The Caroline County Republican Committee (CCRC) has their website at http://www.carolinegop.com/

Compare and contrast the two:

Website title:

  • The CCDC has a proper title for their web page (“Caroline County Democratic Committee”) which allows it to show up better on a search engine.
  • The CCRC‘s website, on the other hand, has the great title of “Page 1” — which is appropriate since it’s the only page on the server.


  • The CCDC has links to various Democratic groups in the Commonwealth and to local candidates. There’s a single 404 error message with the Spotsylvania County Democratic Committee‘s website due to the SCDC redesigning their website. That’s one out of twenty links (5%). UPDATE 2008/04/23, 8:37 p.m.: Link fixed. Zero out of twenty links do not work now (0%).
  • The CCRC has links to the “State Republican Events” (404 error), the “Virginia GOP” (404 error), a link to Bobby Orrock’s bio information (404 error), and ironically, a link to Delegate Wittman’s website and contact information. First, he’s no longer a Delegate, and isn’t his former seat represented by a Democrat (Albert Pollard) now? So that makes five out of eleven links useless (45.45%).

Upcoming Events:

  • The CCDC has information on their meetings, updated monthly (last updated for the April 19th, 2008 meeting). They also have information posted about calls to caucus and other events.
  • The CCRC apparently has a meeting scheduled for September 18th. Considering the CCRC specifies that’s it Monday, September 18th, that would mean September 18th, 2006. Also, be sure to check out “[their] upcoming booth at the Harvest Festival.” I guessing that would be the 2006 Harvest Festival.

Elected Officials:

  • The CCDC has pictures and bios of local elected Democrats.
  • The CCRC has a picture of George Felix “Macaca” Allen (he must be doing a revival tour I’m not aware of or something). ‘Nuff said.

Committee Contact Information:

  • The CCDC has contact information for their committee officers as well as a new member application.
  • The CCRC? No such luck.

Monthly Newsletter:

  • The CCDC produces a monthly newsletters and has it available on their website (as well as archives going back to July 2007).
  • The CCRC? Negatory.

Talk about hitting the nail on the head…

From a recent letter to The Free Lance–Star:

I recently discovered the FredTalk feature of this paper’s Web site, fredericksburg.com. I was excited to find that there was a place to discuss my views on letters to the editor.

However, I soon bailed out when these replies consisted, for the most part, of the worst epidemic of flaming I have seen anywhere on the Web.

For those who don’t know, “flaming” is the act of insulting and demeaning others online.

Fredericksburg.com seems to have become a breeding ground for flamers from every walk of life. There are the radical liberals and the radical conservatives. There are the most ridiculous conspiracy theorists I have seen anywhere, and I witnessed a post by at least one anarchist.

All these people had one thing in common: They refused to listen to any opposing views, and thus started “flame wars” that quickly engulfed the posts of the few calm, logical, respectful members on the site.

I abandoned my quest to voice my opinions and left these self-destructive bigots to their pointless arguing.

Still, it’s a pity that fredericksburg.com has become a haven for these sorts, who have quickly turned a respectable source of news into a battleground.

Don’t I know it.

And for another case in point, just check out the insults directed towards Danny Carter, a respected member of the Caroline County community:

“franne64”, 03/21/08 11:41 PM:

I was told that Danny Carter (Village Self Storage)and a few people he knows was opening Iverson’s. It has been in the making for 3-4 years. Not heard about any bar, but was told that it will be a high class (proper attire), pricey place that would require reservations.

“blulady”, 03/21/08 11:46 PM:

Chuckle… chuckle….

“hopeful47”, 03/21/08 11:58 PM:

Franne, you mean you know the mayor of Ladysmith way over on that side of the county

“blulady”, 03/22/08 12:00 AM:

I cant help but laugh…..

“franne64”, 03/22/08 12:05 AM:

From working in the field of construction for all these years, not many I do not know.
But he can be quite the character

“blulady”, 03/22/08 12:08 AM:

Quite the ladies man, huh girls ?

“franne64”, 03/22/08 12:09 AM:

Yeah right…….lol.

“hopeful47”, 03/22/08 12:10 AM:

danny – ladies man…thats putting it mildly….
about the restaurant, what I was told that the name Iversons is what Tom named it after his deceased father.
heard danny among others are investors in the restaurant.

“blulady”, 03/22/08 12:12 AM:

In his own mind, lol
Who is the old guy that tans all the time in hollywood & wears the gold?? Mayor Dan is Ladysmiths version.

“hopeful47”, 03/22/08 12:13 AM:

he really is a nice guy.
and if you don’t believe it – just ask him he will tell you the same thing lol

“franne64”, 03/22/08 12:16 AM:

Got the name of the tip of my tongue……Hamilton?
That is who Danny reminds me of.
He is a nice guy, but he does portray himself as a person he isn’t. But then again this forum has a few of those floating around here.

“blulady”, 03/22/08 12:19 AM:

I agree ,

“hopeful47”, 03/22/08 06:41 AM:

right, Hamilton — George Hamilton. Always tan and dripping in gold jewelry…..
yep lots of them floating around

Susan Sili aka “oharascarlett”, 03/22/08 06:46 AM:

yall are killing me on Danny, I am rolling, rolling rolling rolling.
Yall better hope he don’t read this cause he is one preeening peacock! None of us will get in Iversons.

Interesting way to talk about someone that volunteers his time to organize a event which is the largest source of income for Caroline County Little League.

Interesting way to talk about someone that volunteers his time on the Caroline County Strategic Planning Review Committee.

Interesting way to talk about someone that received a special invitation for his support of the fair by the Caroline County Agricultural Fair Board.

Interesting way to talk about someone that volunteers his time on the Sheriff’s Business Advisory Team.

You know, I may talk trash about people, but at least I have the fortitude to do it using my real name (and I don’t act like I’m buddies with the people either).

Classy [trashy] as ever folks.