Is Ronald Webb planning a run against Albert Pollard next year in the 99th District?

Albert Pollard (D) won the special election for the 99th House of Delegates District in February against Lee Anne Washington (R).

Rob Wittman (R) had previously represented the 99th District until he won a special election to replace the late Jo Ann Davis for the 1st Congressional District in December 2007.

Ronald Webb (R) previously ran against Albert Pollard for the 99th District in 2001, losing 38.47% to 61.49%.

From April to July 2008, Webb received $7,138.91 in contributions, including $4,763.91 from the First Congressional District of Virginia Republican Committee and a $1,225 contribution from himself.

In that same period, Webb spent $1,225 for a “campaign manager”, $895 on “political flyers”, and $2,128.20 on “political signs”.

Webb has also been sending letters to The Caroline Progress constantly attacking Albert Pollard.

So, is he considering a run next year?

4 thoughts on “Is Ronald Webb planning a run against Albert Pollard next year in the 99th District?”

  1. Actually, apparently, he goes by R. Allen Webb but VPAP has his name listed as Ronald A. Webb and the State Board of Elections and VPAP have the name of his committee as “Ronald Webb for Delegate”.

  2. O Timmy boy…you have finally proven yourself a hack! The only information you possess is that which you pull off the internet, and that’s wrong over 50% of the time. Maybe you and your website be buried in the annuals of time as a waste of space and your rantings nothing more than thievery of oxygen.

  3. Uh-huh…so why do you bother reading?

    So, who’s going to win the Republican nomination for the 99th: Lee Anne Washington or Ronald Allen Webb?

    Come on Chipper, offer some predictions!

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