You know, I’m starting to get annoyed with attacks on my “leftist” blog “that is used almost exclusively to support the Democrat Party”.

Seriously, two people made those comments.

The “leftist” comment comes from OKC Truther Catherine Crabill in an e-mail which was posted in a previous thread:

Feel free to share this with anyone who cares. I will not be bullied by a leftist blog who wouldn’t understand the truth or rightousness or freedom if it bit him you-know-where.

And then you have Allen Webb attacking someone for expressing his concern about the fact that there’s an OKC Truther who’s the presumptive nominee for the state’s legislative body:

To peddle a “quote”, opinion or analysis from a blog that is used almost exclusively to support the Democrat Party, which was motivated by a person who has expressly stated that he has (and still) supports Albert Pollard (the liberal Democrat incumbent whom this candidate will face), is reprehensible.

Holy cow, when did Bill Bolling, Ken Cuccinelli, and DJ McGuire (see right sidebar) become Democrats? I swore I was supporting them due to their impeccable conservative credentials, but alas, it must be because they’re Democrats.

I’m sure former Caroline County Supervisor Calvin Taylor, former Commonwealth’s Attorney Harvey Latney, and former Sheriff Homer Johnson (all Democrats) would get a good laugh out of that diatribe for sure.

Webb’s comments boils down to the fact that he has absolutely no defense to the fact that he’s supporting a candidate that has gone on the record several times saying that the federal government was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, so he has to result to ad hominem attacks. “Oh, he just supports Democrats, ipso facto, he’s lying!” I guess The Washington Times, Outside Magazine, High County News, and Catherine Crabill herself must also support Democrats “exclusively” as well, since they’re the ones responsible for the quotations.

For crying out loud, this woman has stated herself, both on blogs and e-mails to Allen Webb, that the federal government was responsible for this:

But don’t believe your lying eyes, after all, this is a “leftist” blog “that is used almost exclusively to support the Democrat Party”.

2 thoughts on “You know, I’m starting to get annoyed with attacks on my “leftist” blog “that is used almost exclusively to support the Democrat Party”.”

  1. Another e-mail for the posting…

    To all,

    The local Republican Party apparatchik demonstrating their version of the “Big Tent” philosophy of the GOP below…

    James LeRoy Cupp


    Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009 6:30 AM
    To: ; [REDACTED]
    Cc: [REDACTED]
    Subject: Re: Part 2: ** KOOKS for Crabill? **

    So which part of the Republican party are you from, the part that would rather see a demonRat get in office so it would be easier to get them out (yeah that has worked for us in the past) or are you just one of those that for some reason thinks that Sir Albert is entitled to the seat and should be the face of the Republican party in the Northern Neck. I say to you, if you really are a Republican, and don’t like a candidate or potential candidate and feel you need to dig up any possible dirt on them …. SHUT UP. Just crawl into the voting booth and vote demonRat. If you are a Republican and don’t like the candidate, don’t vote for them. Bashing Catherine like this will do nothing to unseat ALPO….or is that your goal?


    From: Allen Webb
    Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009 9:30 AM
    To: ; [REDACTED]
    Cc: [REDACTED]
    Subject: RE: Part 2: ** KOOKS for Crabill? **


    One more time, and this is my last reminder, on the “perception” that you are giving here with regard to forwarding a potential Democrat planned agenda against a potential Republican candidate. You’re not just peddling information to specific group of Republicans to express concerns, you’re putting this stuff forward in the public realm. This the same type of thing that a previous member of the Party in the 99th did just a few years ago who was running for the Board of Supervisors. He lost that race, was censured by the 99th and 1st District and then removed from his post. Your veiled attempts to “word smith” the e-mails so they appear to be mere discussion items is not going to help in any defense you may put forward should someone complain to the 99th, the 1st or RPV. This is the last time I will suggest that you drop this subject via the e-mail and public network. If you have an issue with Ms. Crabill, then I suggest that you (as a member of a local Committee) bring it forward to her, your Unit Chairman or the 99th District. But, this continued public dissemination of information that obviously originates from people (Democrats?) who’s goal is to make sure the Republican candidate does not win, is unacceptable.

    I cannot believe that you do not understand this.

    R. Allen Webb

    99th LDRC Chairman

    28th SDRC Chairman

    State Central – 1st District.


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