Rob Wittman condemns Catherine Crabill, refuses to support or endorse her candidacy.

The Free Lance–Star:

Rep. Rob Wittman has joined other top Republican leaders in the state who are shunning Catherine T. Crabill, a controversial candidate for the Northern Neck’s seat in the House of Delegates.

Wittman spokesman Steve Stampley said last week that the congressman from Montross will endorse neither Crabill nor incumbent Albert Pollard, D-Lancaster, in the race for the House seat Wittman once held.

Wittman also has no plans to appear with Crabill at campaign events or to donate money to her campaign, Stampley said.

I wonder what R. Allen Webb will have to say about this latest development. Maybe he’ll see the writing on the wall now.

Probably not, but I’ve always been an optimist. And I have no idea why in this particular case give previous actions by people in the 99th district.

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5 thoughts on “Rob Wittman condemns Catherine Crabill, refuses to support or endorse her candidacy.”

  1. Good ol’ Free Lunch-Star… Allen Webb = “Northern Neck Republicans”?

    Journalism must really be falling off is a daily paper is a week late on a story and does a poorer job of coverage than a weekly and a number of blogs.

  2. James, what’s the old joke about The Free Lance–Star? Can’t use it as a bird cage liner unless you want to be accused of animal cruelty?

    And J., why am I not surprised that you would support this nut?

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