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  1. Did you know that if you file a complaint against a deputy of The Caroline County Sheriff’s Dept. they (“Internal Affairs”) are obligated to investigate the complaint….BUT will not inform you of the outcome? On Feb. 13, 2008 I filed a complaint against Deputy D.W. Mundie….

    Sheriff Lippa, I am horribly upset about something and I would simply like to put this issue to rest once and for all in my own mind.
    My father is a non-resident of Caroline County, yet he and my family have maintained a successful business here in this county for many many years. He is a 60 year old man who has no criminal history of ANY SORT. His worse conviction in 60 years, a speeding ticket. Our business has contributed every year that I am aware of to the Caroline Sheriff’s Calendar, and have supported this county to no end with other various events. He is a very reputable man and well known as such. I don’t think you would find anyone in this county to argue that point. You, yourself have been to our business, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Company, to talk to him, meet him.
    Our business is involved in an ongoing process in Spotsylvania Court, regarding a client of ours and a garnishment. My father and I hired an attorney to represent us, and my father was told by our attorney there would be no need for him to appear in court Jan. 9 in Spotsylvania as he was handling that date for us. In a huge error on the behalf of the attorney, Joe Hicks, he (the attorney) did not appear that morning, completely unbeknown to us. This was his error and he has since admitted this to Judge XXXXXXXXXX, on our most recent court date, Jan. 31. The failure to appear charge was immediately dismissed against my father.
    I explain all this to you only because it leads to this…..On Tuesday Jan 22, Deputy D. Mundy arrived at our business to arrest my father, XXXXXXXXXXX. He had just had extensive knee surgery on the Friday before (5 days). As my father picked up the phone to dial the attorney’s office (at this point we were still unaware he had not appeared in court as he was supposed to) Deputy Mundy told him that he didn’t have time for that, they had to leave immediately. My mother explained his medical condition to the officer who could plainly see my father had to use crutches. He was allowed to use his crutches to walk out to the police car, and at that point the officer made a point to handcuff him, in front of our business, employees, and family. The officer gave him no assistance to get into the backseat of the car, the officer put the crutches in the car himself and my father had to get to the car and in the backseat of this car with no help. I’d like to know a few things. First, why would it be necessary to handcuff a gentleman who had to rely on crutches to even walk? Exactly what kind of risk was this man to Officer Mundy? Why is it that a man of his reputation couldn’t have been allowed to drive himself to Pamunkey Regional Jail and turn himself in? I know its possible to do so, as I was the one who picked him up and 2 ladies did just that while I waited….they had been called and told to drive there to turn themselves in. Not to mention I waited at the jail, from 4:45pm until after 8:30pm before they would release him. He was to have had medication and ice on his knee. I told the Magistrate so several times, but apparently nobody cared about that. I fully realize there are procedures that must be followed and adhered to, but I hardly think what happened to my father was appropriate or necessary. If he had any sort of criminal history, been in good health, posed any sort of physical threat to this officer, I may see things differently. Under the circumstances, I feel Deputy Mundy acted in a manner that was inappropriate at best. I am anxiously awaiting to hear your feelings on this matter.

    I received a letter by mail from the Sheriff’s Office stating they had received my complaint and were in the process of investigating it.

    I received another letter from them dated March 11, 2008 :

    “The Caroline County Sheriff’s Office has concluded its administrative investigation resulting from your complaint dated Feb. 13, 2008 against Deputy D.W. Mundie.

    In addition to the puclic policy concerns mentioned in a previous correspondence from my office that dictate administrative investigative files be kept confidential, the Dept. does not release the results as they are part of an employee’s personnel file. The personnel files are protected by the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, Section 2.2-3705 (A) (4) and (A) (8) of the Code of Virginia and pursuant to the Government Data Collection and Dissemination Practices Act.
    Although the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office does not release these results, please be assured that if a complaint is sustained against an employee, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken up to and including dismissal, in accordance with the Sheriff’s Office policy and county employee guidelines.
    Without your valuable assistane, the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office would be unable to ensure that our employees strictly comply with our policies and procedures, which are designed to protect and to serve the public.
    and signed by A.A. Tony Lippa, Fr.

    I may be way off base, but I feel if you file a complaint, you should have a right to know if your complaint was deemed founded our unfounded. Maybe we have no right to know exactly what discplinary action was taken against an officer, but you should know at least what the outcome of the investigation was. You have no opportunity to take any lack of action to a higher authority if you feel necessary. And how is it legal or morally right to list in The Caroline Progress the names of persons who were arrested the previous week, yet I have no right to know the outcome of an official complaint I made to the Sherrif? Why is it that the citizens of Caroline County do not deserve the right to protect their privacy even for a traffic violation or a domestic situation, yet in this case the deputy deserves his right to privacy? I think this is unfair to say the least.

    1. Everybody gets treated like this. Nobody gets special treatment and it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else who gets treated this way. I completely understand your point though. They could have done things alot differently. It wouldn’t look good your father getting special treatment because his son is a police officer. I think the officer did his job by the book.

  2. Sir,

    Please publish your letter on my blog.Also, I have written a letter of concern about this very issue to my representatives with no good outcome.I think it’s interesting that the Sheriff hires four deputies who 1.commit sex crimes 2.commit other violations while on duty 3.mental health issue-kill themselves 4.steal 5.commit other offenses possibly but, we can’t find out because of their “privacy”.Also, the Sheriff has issues of his own but, he is allowed to continue in office?We as citizens need to find a new Sheriff for Carolines future!Sheriff Johnson tried to boot lippa out but, was not the candidate that won the election.Lippa is a talented politician and we need a strong new voice in Caroline that will represent all the citizens.Lippa told me himself that he only works for the people who elected him.In other words, he does not view you as a consumer of his services who deserves equal treatment.I have received insulting phone calls and e-mails from this servant of the people and his underlings.Caroline needs to wake up and get a replacement!!!

  3. Mr. Sparks:

    I really wonder how you can look yourself in the mirror. Do you think that you are making Sheriff Lippa or his office look bad? You only made yourself and anyone associated with you look despicable. Did you even stop to think about all the innocent family members and friends that your remarks could hurt? I’ve lost what little respect for you that I had. Why don’t you just go away?

  4. Sparks,

    Why don’t you do everyone a favor, and take a very long walk off a very short pier?

    Where do you get the nerve to make cracks about someone that took his own life after his fiancée died in a car accident?

    Does Homer Johnson support the trash that you’re putting out? I may not like, or know, Mr. Johnson very much but I doubt he would approve of you or your trash.

    And you wonder why you get insulting phone calls and e-mails and your representatives don’t care about what you have to say?

  5. Kay and Tim,

    I say what I think.Not, what people want to hear.Tim, you say all kinds of things and thats why I find your blog interesting.I’m sorry that that young man took his life,Im sorry the other deputy had sex with an underage female,Im sorry the other deputy kidnapped two underage females,got into a domestic and got shot by his wife,Im sorry the deputy took a campaign sign without first calling to ask about why the sign was in a certain spot,Im sorry unprofessional communications come from the sheriffs office,Im sorry Tony Lippa has his own issues.But, if you think I’m going away you are nuts.Homer isn’t going away either.He will remain active in politics but, I don’t think he will run.

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  7. Is it a felony to commit suicide in Virginia? It is in Tennessee.

    What a stupid arcane law, in the bible belt, no less. It implies that if you fail in your suicide attempt then the “law” should simply put you in a coffin and nail it shut, instead of ensuring that you get the help you need.

    If you fail in your suicide attempt, you are going to jail, which will undoubtedly make you wish that you had succeeded.

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