Hypocrisy, thy name is Judy Shelton.

Judy Shelton and her husband, Gilbert Shelton, reside at Moss Neck Manor in Caroline County, VA. Gilbert Shelton is on the board of directors of the Caroline County Countryside Alliance, a major opponent of the Black Marsh Farm mining proposal. He is also supposed to be a Republican and was appointed by Governor Bob McDonnell to be on the Commission on Government Reform & Restructuring. (This makes you wonder about McDonnell’s vetting process. I guess he believes in the adage “money talks”.) Mr. Shelton has been one of the most vocal opponents of the Black Marsh Farms proposed mining project and Mr. and Mrs. Shelton were among the group that sued Emmett Snead because of his proposed sand and gravel mine (until the judge ruled that they could not).

I am really dumbfounded by the dichotomy of what Mrs. Shelton says and what she does.

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  1. Many of the Caroline County Republicans, including the Chairman, are clueless as to the Republican Party Platform. They just make up their own rules as they go along. Some of the people on the Caroline County Countryside Alliance claim to be Republicans. One is even a candidate for a Republican nomination. The board of directors of the organization are: President Angus Muir, Prospect Hill; Vice President Carol T. Horton, Woodford; Treasurer; John R. Pratt, Port Royal; Secretary Nancy Long, Port Royal; Champe Corbin, Corbin; Lou-Anne Maniscalco Reid, Rappahannock Academy; Gilbert L. Shelton, Moss Neck; William A. Wick, Port Royal. Maybe the so-called Republicans should read the 2008 Virginia Republican Platform which states: “We believe we have an obligation to be good stewards of God’s creation for future generations, and we will do so while safeguarding our property rights…As it states in the Declaration of Independence, ‘we are endowed by our Creator with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ which makes clear that certain rights can’t be taken away by government.”

  2. Yes you should have your rights but not when you infringe on others.The Shelton’s are fine and very great neighbors to have in the Rappahannock River Valley.I and many other’s are very happy to have them.I have yet to found out why you like to talk bad about others,but that is your right.You should try to show a little respect for others.

  3. Allen, Tell me what rights of anyone else that Black Marsh Farms is infringing on. If the come-here Sheltons hadn’t started their vendetta against the locals, then we would never had said anything about them. They are not good neighbors and I know a whole lot of people who are not happy with them. Why should I show them any respect? Because they have money and live in a manor house and try to push people around? I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THEM.

  4. Oh, I thought I recognized that almost illiteracy. Stonewall Park that posts on Fredtalk, Topix and other places is Allen Howard that posts on Caroline Crossroads and Caroline Tea Party on Facebook.

    Since there was a post about Cathy Dyson’s article on Trooper Bowen on here you might be interested to know what Stonewall Park said on Fredericksburg Topix on 7/08/11:

    This is a bad thing anyway you look at it.I wonder how many more should not have a driver’s permit.They all may need retraining .Records should be public record to everyone in the state.How can a police officer serve and break the law him self.Why not hold them accountable for there actions.Check their back ground and driving records every 90 days,that i guess in these days in time would be unfair.When i was a young man, troopers where the best.Trooper Lane,Trooper Estes would make you park your car and take your keys to dad and that was that the whipping begin.They where respected by everyone.

    He started thread the south will rise again on Fredtalk 10/19/09 and said:

    You need to get ready because it want be long.I have built a safe shelter and stock up on food and water.Have my guns and ammo. ready.We need to be prepared .Remember buy your ammo they won’t take your gun,but will stop the ammo sales.

    And the thread God Bless the C.S.A. on Fredtalk 11/11/09 and said:

    May God bless all the man and women who fight for our freedom each and everyday.Let’s pray for the C.S.A. and remember that will never die.The south will never forget. Our history will live forever.Say a pray for your forefathers who stood up for southern rights.The battle is not over because the South WAS RIGHT.

    We stay prepared for war, you need to be to.There will be another war in this country.Just let the country stay on the path it’s on. All the people that believe’s in m.r.k and the kennedy’s will find that they did nothing for this country. What they did was for themselves.They were lairs,whore lovers,their whole lives were lies and people love them.Thats a fact jack.AMERICA wanted a change and now they have it.I see the troops are coming home.LIAR.just suck it up your ss has been tricked again.Ask the 40000 troops that are on their way how they feel.C.S.A.FOREVER.

    And the thread on Spotsylvania Topix forum 2/13/2011 on Spotsy church recognizes black history:

    I think this is great,everyone needs to do this. I wonder could I come next month and tell your church about my southern history? I hope you would enjoy the truth about the Civil War as much as I enjoy black history month.History is great as long as the truth is told.We all can enjoy.

    What a crazy moron. What person or group would want his support or to be associated with him?

  5. You can see things as you want to and you are smart.If i don’t see things the way you do i am a moron.You must think you do so much good.Say what you want to but don’t cross the line and you are getting very near that line.You are so right you are surounded by idiots and they are near you everyday. Now cracker hater take some more crack and go to sleep dog.

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