A Tale of Two Parties (and their respective websites)

The Caroline County Democratic Committee (CCDC) has their website at http://www.carolinedems.com/

The Caroline County Republican Committee (CCRC) has their website at http://www.carolinegop.com/

Compare and contrast the two:

Website title:

  • The CCDC has a proper title for their web page (“Caroline County Democratic Committee”) which allows it to show up better on a search engine.
  • The CCRC‘s website, on the other hand, has the great title of “Page 1” — which is appropriate since it’s the only page on the server.


  • The CCDC has links to various Democratic groups in the Commonwealth and to local candidates. There’s a single 404 error message with the Spotsylvania County Democratic Committee‘s website due to the SCDC redesigning their website. That’s one out of twenty links (5%). UPDATE 2008/04/23, 8:37 p.m.: Link fixed. Zero out of twenty links do not work now (0%).
  • The CCRC has links to the “State Republican Events” (404 error), the “Virginia GOP” (404 error), a link to Bobby Orrock’s bio information (404 error), and ironically, a link to Delegate Wittman’s website and contact information. First, he’s no longer a Delegate, and isn’t his former seat represented by a Democrat (Albert Pollard) now? So that makes five out of eleven links useless (45.45%).

Upcoming Events:

  • The CCDC has information on their meetings, updated monthly (last updated for the April 19th, 2008 meeting). They also have information posted about calls to caucus and other events.
  • The CCRC apparently has a meeting scheduled for September 18th. Considering the CCRC specifies that’s it Monday, September 18th, that would mean September 18th, 2006. Also, be sure to check out “[their] upcoming booth at the Harvest Festival.” I guessing that would be the 2006 Harvest Festival.

Elected Officials:

  • The CCDC has pictures and bios of local elected Democrats.
  • The CCRC has a picture of George Felix “Macaca” Allen (he must be doing a revival tour I’m not aware of or something). ‘Nuff said.

Committee Contact Information:

  • The CCDC has contact information for their committee officers as well as a new member application.
  • The CCRC? No such luck.

Monthly Newsletter:

  • The CCDC produces a monthly newsletters and has it available on their website (as well as archives going back to July 2007).
  • The CCRC? Negatory.

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