The Robert Wittman/Jeff Sili smear machine?

From the idiot’s nest of FredTalk (most of the threads have now been deleted by The Free Lance-Star for slanderous content but a few are still available; good thing I’ve got backups!):

At 11/14/07 11:29 AM, from “Burqajoint”:

Yes, the election is over, but the compte passed on something one of his chicadees told him about one of the gruesome twosome [presumably Tom James and I] doing some rather creepy stalking…..

There was lying about being a reporter after entering the courtroom while votes were being counted.

And following that candidates wife home – does cranmama know about that?

At 11/14/07 06:45 PM, from “Burqajoint”:

Hmmmm, I don’t see a pimply-faced stalker in that crowd [at the Republican Convention].

Maybe he was outside waiting for the candidate’s wife to come out so he could follow her home….

At 11/14/07 06:47 PM, from “junie”:

I know Rob [Wittman]’s wife…she’d tear ass up and send his home crying.

At 11/14/07 06:48 PM, from “Burqajoint”:

And what about someone who snuck into the courtroom while the ballots were being counted and then lied about being from the newspaper?

What kind of person would do such a thing?

At 11/14/07 07:52 PM, from “Burqajoint”:

Only if you are the wife of a candidate who doesn’t like being followed home after a public meeting….

There’s talk of a lawsuit on another matter.

Best to stay clear of wierdos.

Especially if they post slander.

At 11/14/07 08:25 PM, from “Burqajoint”:

And what about a sick freak who follows married women home after public meetings?

What, at least a year in the pokey for that, wouldn’t you agree?

With mandantory drug testing and psychological help, of course to help them get over their disease….

At 11/14/07 08:51 PM, from “Burqajoint”:

Did you hear about the punk who followed the married candidate’s wife home?

Disgusting, isn’t it?

At 11/14/07 09:13 PM, from “Burqajoint”:

You may want to ask that tall pimply-faced kid with the aura of loser about him about it.

Hmm, I wouldn’t consider myself tall, but everyone is tall when viewed by someone at Jeff Sili’s height…

I bet if you are nice, he’ll rat out his buddy.

Plenty of others are.

You should see the flood of pms I got today, starting about 5:15 pm…..a veritable avalanche.

And those with connections that matter never mention it……

Really? Then why did you start posting the bullshit at 11:29 AM?

At 11/14/07 09:22 PM, from “Burqajoint”:

There’s some other stalking been going on that hasn’t been filed yet, and a nasty lawsuit is going forward, too, but on another matter.

And didja hear about the punk who tried to get in there and crusade against corruption while the votes were being counted?

His crusade led him to lie about who he was and that he was with a newspaper and finally someone grabbed him by the belt and scruff of his neck and tossed him through the cafe doors into the horse trough out fronta the courthouse!

At 11/14/07 09:28 PM, from “Burqajoint”:

Maybe a letter in the regular mail would be better, considering some of the harrassing email Wittman got……

Funny, I’ve never sent Wittman an email in my life!

At 11/15/07 12:13 AM, from “Burqajoint”:

You shoulda been here between 5 and 6 and seen the dozens of pms that came rolling in. There must havbe been 50 of them.

Incredible stuff and you can be sure the phone lines have been lit up all night across the county…..

At 11/15/07 12:17 AM, from “Burqajoint”:

As Blulady would say, “I’m connected.”

And today the dam broke and those in the know have been having a jolly old time.

The fact is, there are a few characters around who like to send harassing emails.

Again, I’ve never sent Wittman an email in my life!

At 11/15/07 01:16 AM, from “Burqajoint”:

Those two [presumably Tom James and I] leered at the wrong woman this summer and now it’s catching up to them.

LOL, the only time that Tom James and I were at the same place this summer was the first Board of Supervisors candidates’ forum. Funny, I was sitting by a candidate for Commonwealth’s Attorney, as well as several law enforcement officers, and the former sheriff. I would love to know who I was “leer[ing]” at.

At 11/15/07 01:42 AM, from “Burqajoint”:

Talk to some of the women working for the county tomorrow and you’ll see what they are all buzzing about.

At 11/15/07 08:29 PM, from “Burqajoint”:

I swear, I think everyone at the Caroline County library using public access computers is pm-ing me.

It’s like I suddenly have a fan club down there.

At 11/16/07 01:08 PM, from “Burqajoint”:

When he was caught lying about being from the newspaper and firmly asked to leave, they say the look on his face was priceless!

At 11/16/07 01:41 PM, from “Burqajoint”:

I understand a certain candidate is quite unhappy about his wife being followed………..

And finally when it was brought to their attention that this might just end up on my blog, at 11/16/07 02:27 PM, from “Burqajoint”:

The stuff (above) was not about [me] and Tom.

At 11/16/07 05:44 PM, from “Burqajoint”:


  • Y’all down at the Caroline and Westmoreland County libraries, especially my fellow sailors at C.P. and Kinsale!
  • The Compte and his little chicadees, warblers, and mockingbirds!
  • The Corner Table Gang – you know who you are!
  • The RitchBitch Bunch – charmed, I’m sure!
  • The Lady in Red – for your grace and elegance – enchante!
  • The gals at Union Bank!

Looks like you’re running a real tight ship there Billy Beale!

In a private message (PM) to a third party, from “Burqajoint”:

Now [redacted], you just settle right on down now and relax.

If I am lying a dozen or so others are behind each thing I have posted.

You shoulda seen all the new users who sent me pms and signed on just to do so.

The phone lines across Caroline and Westmoreland have been afire and I bet it’ll be that way through the weekend.

Really? I don’t know a soul in Westmoreland County. Wait, isn’t Robert Wittman from Westmoreland County? I do believe he is. He used to be on the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors, didn’t he?

Another PM, from “Burqajoint”:

Word to the wise – better lawyer up………..

I’m shaking in my boots! Bring. It. On.

So, is this Robert Wittman’s and Jeff Sili’s doing?

And for the record, I have no less than two people that were with me on election day all day (when I was supposedly doing stealth infiltration of the courthouse) along with several more witnesses at the three victory parties I went to.

I also have a person that was with me all day during the Republican Convention and several law enforcement officers that I was also around.

It’s amazing that someone is going to so much trouble to try to discredit me.

Admittedly, it’s a nice ego trip!

UPDATE: Some posts that I missed:

At 11/12/07 07:50 AM, from “oharascarlett” (also uses the name “nativetxlady”):

Recently James obtained a video of the 13 year old daughter of a public figure at a basketball game. He sent it as a link to her mother at home with no explanation. the family thought and rightly so that she was being stalked until they realized it was taken by a news station and just obtained by James as a sick joke. There is no one exempt from his hatred, murder victim’s families or people’s kids. Eventually Lippa will have to step in to this.

“oharascarlett” is the alias of Jeff Sili’s wife Susan Sili.

At 11/18/07 10:54 AM, from “Burqajoint”:

I bet Lucky [Narain] doesn’t like those who collect videos of 13 year-old girls…

If anyone wants a complete copy of her lies (including several about George Spaulding) let me know at

12 thoughts on “The Robert Wittman/Jeff Sili smear machine?”

  1. or this comment from:


    James on 16 Nov 2007 at 7:07 am #

    To Tom James:

    Wittmans statement sounds like a little veiled threat…a typical bureaucratic reaction.

    I think you hit a nerve , he’s got a rep as a crappy driver.

    And for the record, I am a lifelong republican and I will be voting for Forgit.



    Tom James on 11 Nov 2007 at 4:31 pm #

    You call him what you will 300 ADA violations, the drug dealing and other corruption in Westmoreland and Colonial Beach, Wittman claims that’s where he “learned to get things done in government.” Have seen the poverty and ignorance in those areas.

    Document that and show everyone Wittmans training ground and accomplishments.

    Oh and this,

    I sent Wittman an email alerting him to a post on a blog (not mine).

    These are the emails O’he’s a real winner alright!

    Email I sent to Wittman:

    In other news, Robert Wittman (or one of his helpers) doesn’t know how
    to drive. A Jeep Cherokee with House of Delegates tag 99 (as in the
    99th House of Delegates district) was seen flying through Port Royal
    at what appeared to be around 40 MPH (the speed limit once you turn
    off of Route 301 is 25 MPH). He was seen swerving around on the road
    as well.

    Email he sent back:

    Dear Tom:

    Be very careful about making accusations without basis in fact for there are
    laws that hold you accountable for false accusations. The license plate
    number for House of Delegates plates relates to seniority not the district
    represented by the Delegate. So the House of Delegates plate 99 does not
    belong to me nor do I or my staff own a Jeep Cherokee. This information can
    be easily verified by the Clerk of the House of Delegates and DMV.


    Apparently he can’t discern a comment on someone else’s blog from my own comments. So he makes useless threats, he can’t follow through on.

    Oh he’s a winner alright!!!!!!!!!

  2. I like this quote from Wittmans website:

    “I am very excited about the prospect of serving my country and my state in the House of Representatives. I have also been humbled by the outpouring of strong support from many friends and colleagues while considering this decision.

    With warm wishes and kind regards, I remain,


    But he hasn’t resigned his seat in the Virginia House of Delegates just in case he doesn’t win. So that will leave his seat empty and his district not represented for the 2008 GA if he does win.

    That’s what I like, a guy who’s always thinking about his constituents! Can you feel the love?

  3. Or this comment from:

    8. Hosan Milovic – November 15, 2007

    I think when “conservatives” see that Wittman voted FOR HB3202 and went so far as to write editorials for the local newspaper in support and defense of the Abusive Driver Fee’s, that the Democrat is going to be looking a lot better.

    This seat could easily be won by the Democrat, if he can get his message out to “conservatives” in the district. Wittman has some real problem as noted by others with his tenure in Westmoreland County and the ADA violation plus his uncomfortable relationship with industries he’s supposed to be regulating.

    I sometimes wonder why Republicans will pick the absolute WORST candidate to run for a job like this.

    Virginia is neither a “blue” or “red” state. It is a CONSERVATIVE state and the party that forgets (or is it Forgit’s?) it, will lose!

  4. Union Bank & Trust Co
    Bowling Green, VA

    Donations to:

    Partisan Breakdown

    Republican: $13,625 (90%)
    Democrat: $1,500 (10%)

    The Partisan Breakdown includes only donations to candidates, state party committees and leadership committees.

    All Donations

    24 donations totaling $31,125

    Candidate/Committee Contributions
    Bolling for Lieutenant Governor $3,500
    Bolling, Bill $1,000
    Bolling, William T $5,500
    Building a Better Virginia $1,500
    Cole, Mark $125
    Dominion Leadership Trust PAC $2,000
    Houck, R Edward $1,500
    Virginia Bankers Association PAC $15,000
    Yes Hanover Bonds $1,000

  5. Wittman for Delegate

    • Contributions map

    Top Donors from Caroline County

    Total: $2,875 from 21 donors

    Donor Amount
    Sili, Jeffery M $795
    Beach, William Russell $325
    Brooks, R Garnett $200
    Davis, John F $200
    Day, James S Jr $130
    Campbell, Ray S Jr $130
    Gambill, Tina M $130
    Gray, Garry L $130
    Self, K L $130
    Driver, Patty S $130
    Eckert, William E $130
    Mahon, Walton $130
    Elliott, Nancy J $50
    Thomas, Joyce G $50
    Haley, T A $50
    Hall, Darell L $50
    Devita, Elizabeth $35
    Lane, John A $25
    Robbins, C B $25
    Russo, Michael $20
    Hunt, Jean A $10

  6. Wittman for Delegate

    Donor: Sili, Jeffery M
    Bowling Green, VA
    Occupation: Miscellaneous Defense

    Amount Election Cycle Transaction Date Type
    $700 2007 01/03/07 Inkind: Fund Raiser
    $70 2007 09/19/06 Cash
    $25 2007 06/14/06 Cash
    $150 2005 10/22/05 Cash

  7. To the editor:

    Middlesex voters have a terrific opportunity in less than a month. On December 11 a special election will be held to elect a new member of Congress to fill the vacant seat created when Jo Ann Davis died in September after a long battle with cancer. I will support the Democratic candidate, Philip Forgit, and encourage Middlesex voters to join me.

    Philip Forgit is a Bronze Star decorated veteran of the Iraq War, having served with a Naval Special Warfare unit as an adviser to the Iraqi Army in 2005-06. A Naval Reservist, Mr. Forgit was mobilized from his former job as a 4th grade teacher at Rawls Byrd Elementary in James City County.

    As a teacher, Mr. Forgit was recognized for his special qualities with the 2005 National Education Association Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence, including a $35,000 national prize that was awarded to him live, via satellite, while he served in Iraq. Since his return to the U.S., Mr. Forgit has used the prize money to establish ForgitFilms LLC for the purpose of making a documentary on Iraqi soldiers and their families.

    Mr. Forgit is a graduate of the College of William and Mary with a BA in History ’89 and an MA in elementary education ’95. He lives in Williamsburg with his wife Dawn, also a school teacher, and their three children. They attend Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church where Mr. Forgit is a deacon and chair of the Mercy Ministry.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Forgit at the Oyster Festival where he discussed his views on the Iraq war, concerns of veterans, health care, immigration, traffic issues, and taxation. He is an excellent listener (even to folks in rural Middlesex County), and gives straight answers—a rare quality in far too many who run for public office.

    Voters can learn more about Mr. Forgit and his views on the issues at his web site

    George Coussoulos


    Who was this woman?

    It gets even stranger: when Paul Jost, another candidate, showed up and asked why the meeting was held early, a woman helping to run the meeting apparently yelled at him using profanities and she had to be restrained!


  9. Some needs to get this woman some help.

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    Re: Caroline locked? [Re: cassandrasdaddy]
    #1206667 – 11/21/07 07:39 AM (
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    His purpose and that of his assistant was to use FT to post as much ugly and hurtful misinformation as he could. He sent threatening e-mails to people assuring them if they did not answer he would do his thing on FT. His “sources” were the wives and ex-wives of candidates with very personnel vested interests in smearing others. When he did not post on FT,he wrote his trash on his and his assistant’s blog and created those links. Our community leaders are not perfect by a long shot but they are nothing like TJ and Corran have portrayed them. We all have some disappointments in the election but none of us have resorted to this kind of behavior. The two presented themselves as people in the know, on the inside of the political scene here in Caroline and elsewhere. Nothing could be further from the truth. If I know Caroline and I do, folks will continue to close ranks and keep these two marginalized where they belong. FT should do the same.

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