Complete and utter fiscal irresponsibility from the Virginia General Assembly, first the House of Delegates:

As they say: You get the government you deserve.

Additional expense in green, cuts in red, and editorials in black.

House Appropriations Subcommittee on Public Safety:

  • Cut $1,970,466 and twenty positions for probation transition specialists: Governor Kaine’s original budget stated: Adds $0.9 million the first year, $1.1 million the second year, and 10 positions each year from the general fund to improve the initial reentry of prisoners being released from prison to the Richmond and Tidewater areas.
  • Cut $413,675 for habitual technical violator center: Governor Kaine’s original budget stated: Includes $0.2 million GF each year and four positions to establish a 100-bed program in one correctional center to house offenders who have violated the technical conditions of their probation or parole, but have not committed a new crime.
  • Cut $1,356,915 for prison transition centers: Governor Kaine’s original budget stated: Provides $0.6 million the first year, $0.8 million the second year, and 12 positions each year from the general fund to establish three 100-bed reentry programs, one in each of three prisons. These programs will provide intensive services designed to prepare inmates to reenter society.
  • Cut $2,202,202 for criminal justice academies; Department of Criminal Justice Services told to find money elsewhere: Cops need training? What, me worry?
  • Cut $2,980,000 for school resource officers (SROs); Department of Criminal Justice Services told to find money elsewhere: I guess kids don’t need to be protected…
  • And instead of creating positions for ten new State Troopers (as Kaine’s budget had done), they want the existing ones to work overtime! I’m sure that will be great for morale and safety!

House Appropriations Subcommittee on Economic Development, Agriculture & Natural Resources:

  • $200,000 for “Cooperative Outdoor Advertising”.
  • $450,000 for “See Virginia First” Coop. Advertising.
  • $200,000 for “Coalfield’s [where?] Tourism Authority”.
  • All that while cutting $1,000,000 for dam safety.

House Appropriations Subcommittee on Capital Outlay:

  • $8,658,683 for the Webb Center [a student center] at Old Dominion University (ODU).
  • $1,590,000 for the Yorktown Museum.
  • $225,000,000 in bonds: You never have to pay those off do you?
  • $40,000,000 to expand a stadium for a Division I-AA football team (James Madison University [JMU] Dukes).: Wow, priorities, priorities.
  • $2,523,000 cut for money to repair and replace roofs, repair safety hazards, and remove lead pain and asbestos at the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind at Staunton.: They’re deaf and blind, who cares, right? [note the obvious sarcasm there]
  • $5,500,000 cut in funding for equipment for Academic VI and Research II at George Mason University (GMU) but $1,000,000 for an “Arts Center”.: Who needs equipment when you have “art”?
  • $1,500,000 cut to equip Monroe Hall at the University of Mary Washington (UMW).: You don’t need no stinkin’ equipment.
  • But they have $25,000,000 to renovate Greear Gym at the University of Virginia’s College At Wise: Money for a gym, but no money for equipment, eh?
  • $27,300,000 in cuts in funding for equipment for Loudoun Phase III (Northern Va CC [Community College]), Regional Health Profession Center Phase I (Tidewater CC), Midlothian Phase II (John Tyler CC), Annandale Academic VI (Northern Va CC), Annandale Science Building (Northern Va CC), Tri-Cities Center Portsmouth (Tidewater CC).
  • But they have $35,444,000 for “student center[s]” in Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk.
  • $760,000 in cuts in funding equipment for Mallory Hall at Virginia Military Institute (VMI).
  • Cut $31,000,000 in training centers for the Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation And Substance Abuse Services: So much for mental health being a high priority in the House of Delegates this year. UPDATE: Alison Hymes says (check comments) these centers are for training for people with mental retardation — I mean people that are intellectually disabled — or whatever language HB760 use.
  • $2,425,000 for cabins at the Raymond R. “Andy” Guest Jr. Shenandoah River State Park: We have money for cabins, but not for mental health! but not for equipment for community colleges.

Up next: The Senate.

5 thoughts on “Complete and utter fiscal irresponsibility from the Virginia General Assembly, first the House of Delegates:”

  1. Training centers are institutional settings for people with intellectual disabilities, not mental health issues and they are being phased out all over the country. If Virginia built a new one it would be the first in the country in 30 years. A much better idea is to fully fund MR waivers.

    Of course it would have been nice if they would have funded outpatient mental health services since we have 3 CSB’s with no adult outpatient services at all……

  2. Hey Dummy: :

    Capital Outlay Subcommittee Item C-326.50 #2h
    Central Appropriations FY 06-07 FY 07-08
    Central Capital Outlay $0 $40,000,000 NGF
    Page 253, after line 3, insert:
    “C-326.50. Improvements: Renovate and
    Expand Bridgeforth Stadium (17331)
    Fund Sources: Higher Education Operating
    Bond Proceeds
    (This amendment requests the additional nongeneral funds and revenue bond
    authority for the expansion and renovation of Bridgeforth Stadium.
    This amendment
    will be made to Item C-61, Chapter 847 of the Acts of Assembly of 2007, during
    enrolling of House Bill 29.)

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