More expert leadership in Virginia…

So much for Virginia’s prisons being overcrowded. NBC12:

Despite Virginia’s own corrections crunch, Wyoming is sending up to 300 inmates to the state prison system.

The transfer over two years is part of a contract that could pay Virginia $18.5 million.

The Wyoming inmates will be held at the high-security Wallens Ridge State Prison in Wise County and the state’s new medium-security Pocahontas State Correctional Center in Tazewell County.

Last year, Virginia officials warned that the number of state prisoners projected to be added to the system would require a new 1,000-bed prison each year for the next six years.

Virginia corrections spokesman Larry Traylor says that forecast has not changed.

He says the alternative to contracting for out-of-state prisoners could be closing prisons and laying off employees.

No, the alternative should be putting more money into the “corrections” system and cut money for student centers or whatever pet (corrupt) project some Delegate or Senator has.

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  1. This year, I believ, the Dept of Corrections became the largest State Agency in terms of employees.. overtaking VDOT which had been the perennial winner.

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