Complete and utter fiscal irresponsibility from the Virginia General Assembly, first the House of Delegates, take 2:

I promised a summary of the Senate budget but I missed a couple things in my last post. All numbers are for the whole 2008-10 biennial.

Additional expense in green, cuts in red, and editorials in black.

House Appropriations Subcommittee on General Government:

  • Cutting $894,868 for the Virginia Crime Commission while spending $17,280 on the “Virginia Bicentennial of the American War of 1812 Commission”. Dear Lord…
  • Cutting $2,000,000 for court-appointed attorneys for juveniles.
  • Cutting $6,000,000 for court-appointed attorneys for adults.
  • Cutting $5,902,000 for drug courts. For information on drug courts click here.
  • Spending $166,760 to convert Buckingham County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney position to full-time. Meanwhile, Caroline County, that has a population that is 66.04% more than Buckingham County, doesn’t get funding.
  • Cutting $1,066,000 that would have gone to localities from the wine tax and profit from Alcoholic Beverage Control.


  1. Caroline County was ranked 111th out of 120 jurisdictions with only 28.39% of felony defendants being sentenced. The rest of the felony defendants either had their charges nolle prossed, dismissed, or reduced to misdemeanors. Buckingham County was ranked 73rd out of 120 jurisdictions with 48.79% of felons being sentenced. The statewide average is 54.61%.

    It helps when you want funding, if your Delegate is on the Appropriations Board:

    Of course in Caroline County’s case (none are on the Appropriations Board) but: One (Peace) tries, one (Pollard) just got elected (gee, thanks Robby), and the other one (Orrock) is too busy hunting down dog breeders.

  2. TJ says:

    In Buckingham’s defense their conviction rate is not any better than Caroline’s. A case of at least two areas of great need in VA and only one getting help.

    Wasn’t there a Muslim training facility prior to 911 where Muslims from around the world would fly into Dulles drive to Buckingham and train? I think the Farmville Police carry automatic M16’s in order to defend in case they had a problem at the facility?

    There is also a commune where the leader takes everyones money who lives there. It’s right on the James river.


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