What a joke you guys are as a news station…

From NBC 12 in Richmond, Virginia: Security, tensions run high at Caroline County school :

Parents pulled their children from classes at Caroline High School after a student was gunned down at a weekend party. Fear about retaliation for that deadly shooting prompted some parents to pick their kids up from school early Monday.

Saturday night, 16-year-old Raquel Hunter was shot and killed outside the Madison Ruritan Club. The building was rented for a 16th-birthday party and had adult chaperones.

Lashawn Monroe, 22, is charged with murder. Another teen is being investigated for possible involvement.

Raquel Hunter was a student at Caroline County High School. On Monday, fear of more violence overtook the campus.

The rumor mill started Monday morning, when someone said there was a shooting at the high school. It did not happen — neither did the teaching of hundreds of students, because of the rumor.

Parents started driving up to campus once rumors began that something had happened.

When they found out nothing had occurred, there was already another rumor running rampant: there was supposedly going to be a shootout after school.

That was the last straw for Roy Gray, who picked his daughter up from school.

“You definitely get nervous, worried,” he said.

Shannon said her classes were nearly empty by fifth period. Seeing all the sheriff’s deputies on campus may have triggered some parents’ fears once they arrived.

The sheriff said the extra security was meant to be a precautionary measure as a result of the weekend violence.

“We care about our children,” Sheriff Tony Lippa said. “That’s why we did what we did.”

There is a perception that the weekend shooting was the result of some deep-seated rivalry between two Caroline County communities: Dawn and Bowling Green.


Uh, NBC 12, are you a bunch of idiots?

You have rumors going around that there is going to be a shootout after school and you wouldn’t increase security?

Jesus Christ, Lord Almighty, I’m surrounded by idiots…

Arlington Deputy Sheriff Killed In Car Crash

From NBC 4 in Washington, D.C.: Arlington Deputy Sheriff Killed In Car Crash:

Arlington County’s chief deputy sheriff has died in a car crash.

Dennis Webb, 53, died Saturday afternoon in Prince William County when a driver lost control of a Jeep and hit an SUV then returned to the road and hit Webb’s car.

Police said that Scott Edgell, 47, of Stafford, was charged with reckless driving. They said speed was a factor in the crash.

No one else was hurt in the wreck.

Arlington Sheriff Beth Arthur called Webb one of the greatest guys you’d ever want to meet. She said he joined the department after retiring from a 22-year career in Prince William, where he lived.

UPDATE: From The Washington Post: Arlington Deputy Killed When Car Is Struck:

The chief deputy sheriff of Arlington County, Dennis W. Webb, was killed Saturday in one of two fatal car crashes that occurred over the weekend in Prince William County, authorities said.

Webb, 53, was “one of the greatest guys you’d ever want to meet,” Arlington Sheriff Beth Arthur said last night.

She said he joined her department about three years ago after retiring from a 22-year law enforcement career in Prince William, where he lived. He had been director of administration at the Prince William-Manassas regional adult detention center.

Arthur said Webb was married and had two sons and a 6-year-old grandchild. He was a church member, a “man of great faith,” she said. “Once you met him, within three seconds he was your best friend.”

Prince William police said a Jeep went out of control on Sudley Road about 2 p.m. and sideswiped a sport-utility vehicle. It returned to the road, went out of control again and hit Webb’s car as he turned into a parking lot, police said. Webb died at the scene; no one else was hurt.

Police said that Scott R. Edgell, 47, of Stafford was charged with reckless driving and that speed was a factor in the crash.

One Teen Fatally Shot – Another Teen Injured, Caroline County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Perpetrator

From the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office: One Teen Fatally Shot – Another Teen Injured, Caroline County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Perpetrator:

According to Sheriff Tony Lippa, at approximately 11:06 pm, last night November 10, 2007 the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Madison Ruritan Club, 18206 Timothy Drive, Ladysmith, in reference to a shooting. The Ruritan Club was rented for a 16th birthday party celebration. Sgt. Lambert was the first unit to arrive at approximately 11:12pm, along with Caroline County Fire and Rescue, 12 other Sheriff’s Office personnel, and approximately eight Virginia State Police Troopers and one Sergeant.

Investigator J. W. McCarty is the lead investigator and upon consulting with the Caroline County Commonwealth’s Attorney, Mr. Harvey Latney, warrants were obtained. Subsequently, Lashawn Montque Monroe, 22, of 12438 Golansville Road, Ruther Glen, VA, was charged and arrested for:

  1. Murder
  2. Use of a firearm in the connection of a felony

Monroe is being held without bond in the Pamunkey Regional Jail until 11/13/07 for a bond hearing in the Caroline County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

“Preliminary investigation revealed that the victim, a 16 year old, was lying on the ground of the parking lot approximately 30 yards from the front door. The perpetrator(s) left the scene. Another teen arrived at Mary Washington Hospital with an apparent gunshot wound. This other teen is 15 years of age and the shootings are related. This is an extensive on-going investigation and no further details will be released at this time,” according to Sheriff Lippa.

UPDATE: From The Free Lance-Star: Sweet 16 party turns deadly:

The suspect arrested—Lashawn Montque Monroe, 22, of Ruther Glen—also was charged the last time a party erupted into violence in Caroline.

That was in September 2004, when eight people were stabbed and two were shot during an early morning gathering at the Dawn Progressive Center.

In 2004, Monroe was charged with having a concealed weapon, but the charge was later dropped.

UPDATE #2: From the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office: *UPDATE* One Teen Fatally Shot – Another Teen Injured, Caroline County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Perpetrator:

According to Sheriff Tony Lippa, at approximately 11:06 pm on November 10, 2007 the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Madison Ruritan Club building on Timothy Drive in Ladysmith for a reported shooting. The building had been rented for a 16th birthday party with adult chaperones present. 12 Sheriff’s Office deputies and one sergeant responded along with approximately eight State Police Troopers and one State Police Sergeant.

Lead Investigator J. W. McCarty has obtained and served warrants on Lashawn Montque Monroe, 22, of Golansville Road in Ruther Glen. The charges are:

  1. Murder of Raquel Hunter, 16, of Ruther Glen
  2. Use of a firearm in the commission of a felony

Monroe is being held without bond in the Pamunkey Regional Jail until his arraignment in the Caroline County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court on November 13th.

“Preliminary investigation indicates that the victim was lying on the ground outside the building. The suspects were not on scene. Based on a lookout issued by Caroline, officers from Fredericksburg and the State Police detained 2 subjects as they arrived at Mary Washington Hospital seeking treatment for apparent gunshot wounds. The suspect and a juvenile were turned over to Caroline investigators and the warrants were served. This is still an active investigation and no further details will be released at this time,” according to Sheriff Lippa.

UPDATE #3: From the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Caroline slaying suspect faced weapons charge in ’04:

A Caroline County man charged with murder in the weekend shooting of a teenager at a Ruritan clubhouse was arrested three years ago in a melee at another civic organization.

Lashawn Monroe, 22, was one of several people arrested after a Labor Day weekend shoot-up during a late-night party at the Dawn Progressive Center in September 2004. Eight people were shot and two were stabbed, but no one died in that incident.

Then 19, Monroe was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, but Caroline Commonwealth’s Attorney Harvey Latney Jr. told a judge several months later that he had decided not to prosecute.

Now, Monroe is charged with murder in the slaying of Raquel Hunter, 16, at the Madison Ruritan Club on Saturday about 11 p.m. Monroe was being held at the Pamunkey Regional Jail pending an initial scheduled appearance in Caroline Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court today.

Caroline Sheriff Tony Lippa Jr. said yesterday that the event Saturday, a birthday party for another 16-year-old, was being chaperoned by adults. “Good, church-going people,” he said.

The Board of Supervisors still can’t find anything more important to do…

Than requiring building permits for fencing?! And then lying about it!

Click the thumbnail for a bigger image:

And it’s amazing how they have the nerve to lie on their own agenda:

TXT-17-2007: AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE ZONING ORDINANCE OF CAROLINE COUNTY BY AMENDING ARTICLE XV, SUPPLEMENTAL REGULATIONS, BY REPEALING AND REPLACING SECTION 2, FENCES, WALLS AND HEDGES. The purpose of this zoning ordinance text amendment is allow for fences in the front yards that exceed 3 feet in height in the Rural Preservation and Agricultural Preservation zoning districts. (First Reading)

They fail to note the requirement for building permits, but I’m sure that just skipped their minds, right?

And now some guess commentary from the person that alerted me to this outright stupidity:

The problem is there will always be unintended consequences with something like this. I met a couple at a BOS meeting who can’t build a barn for their horses in their field because their field is in front of their house. The County should not be distinguishing between front and back yards in agricultural areas (AP & RP).

What if your fence is next to a steep hill or another place where the animals can get up high? No problem, as long as you dish out the $100/$200 for the building permit to get over six feet and the $1000 for the special exemption permit to get over seven feet.

I asked the Planning Dept. about the fees and they said they won’t know until next year (after the ordinance is passed of course).

The meeting on this idiocy will be November 15th (not the 13th!) and should take place after public comments (which are done at 7:30 P.M.). So if you have to come late, at least come, and let the Board know that they’re a bunch of idiots!

What a mook… (Not Robert Wittman! Part 2)

UPDATE: Hi, to all the folks from Raising Kaine and VB Dems. Note: Most of the rest of the stuff on this blog will probably bore you to death (unless you live in Caroline County!).

From Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary [emphasis mine]:

Main Entry: mook

Function: nounslang : a foolish, insignificant, or contemptible person

Delegates, what the hell were you thinking? You nominate this mook, Robert Wittman? What the hell has this guy ever done?

Director of field operations, Division of Shellfish Sanitation? What the hell?

You turn down the retired firefighter (Chuck Davis), the retired FBI agent and Marine (David Corderman), the retired 20-year military veteran (Jim Browden) for this guy?!

What has he done besides get local party officials to endorse him that then run a crooked mass meeting for him?

I’m sure that crooked mass meeting had nothing to do with the following, from The Free Lance-Star: Wittman seeking Davis’ seat:

Wittman said he would step down from his House seat and help find a Republican candidate to fill it, if he wins the congressional seat.

And guess what? The Republicans have lost another seat in the House of Delegates in the mean time! From The Free Lance-Star: Wittman wins district nod:

If Wittman wins, there will be yet another special election to fill his seat. That’s likely to be set by House Speaker Bill Howell, and it’s not yet clear whether it would run afoul of a state law prohibiting elections in the 60 days before a primary–in this case, the presidential primaries in February.

It’s possible Wittman’s seat, which covers the Northern Neck, would be empty during the 2008 legislative session.


In a speech to delegates, Jost supporter Del. Jeff Frederick earned some boos from Wittman supporters for saying Wittman had supported “one of the largest tax increases in Virginia” and that delegates should remember that.

Don’t forget the abusive driver fees!

And further proof this guy is an ass, from his biography:

Rob was elected to the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors in 1995, where he was the chair from 2004 [through 2005] until he resigned to fulfill his role as delegate.

Well, consider the following, from The Free Lance-Star: Westmoreland faces civil action:

A civil-liberties group and a state agency have raised possibilities of legal action against Westmoreland County for failing to provide handicapped access to public buildings.

In a letter sent Monday, an attorney for the Virginia Office for Protection and Advocacy charged that the county had not complied with all terms of a 2003 settlement agreement to provide handicapped access to the George D. English Sr. Memorial Office Building in Montross.

“It is my hope we can bring this matter to a swift conclusion without the need for litigation,” wrote VOPA Managing Attorney Jonathan G. Martinis. “After three years, Westmoreland County owes its citizens with disabilities nothing less.”

On Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia notified the county that it intends to file a lawsuit under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act unless the county promptly provides handicapped access to the offices of the Circuit Court clerk.

County Administrator Norm Risavi said that a team composed of a professional engineer, a building inspector and the county’s maintenance supervisor inspected all county buildings yesterday for ADA compliance.

Risavi said he hoped to have a plan and a budget for ADA projects ready for approval by the Board of Supervisors at its April 10 meeting. A supplemental appropriation by the supervisors may be necessary to fund the work, he said.

Risavi would not estimate when the various ramps, curb cuts, bathroom renovations and signage would be installed.

He said some of the work could be done by county staff, but other jobs would be put out for bids under the county Procurement and Contract Administration Policy.

But last year, Risavi waived bid requirements for renovating the old courthouse’s second floor as an office for Circuit Court Judge George Mason III.

“I have determined that competitive sealed bidding would not be practicable or fiscally advantageous to the county,” Risavi wrote in a finding on the judge’s office. “Competitive negotiations would better serve the county.”

Last year, the judge’s office was expected to cost $100,000. Now, Risavi said it will cost $140,000.

Crookery isn’t just for Caroline County!

A story in the March 15 Free Lance-Star attracted the attention of both the ACLU and VOPA, Willis and Martinis said. The story described Mason’s expensive office and problems of handicapped accessibility at it and other county buildings

“This is almost hard to believe,” said Willis.

“It’s bad enough to flaunt the law by ignoring the rights of disabled persons, but it is an outright affront to human decency to spend more than $100,000 to renovate a building without adding something as simple and inexpensive as ramps that rise 3 feet.”

In a March 17 letter to Gayle Harding, a wheelchair-bound resident of Coles Point, Martinis said he had sent a VOPA paralegal to survey the English Building and the old courthouse 200 yards away.

Harding complained to the county and VOPA in 2000 about accessibility problems at the English Building. In April 2003, the county finally agreed to fix them.

It only took you guys over six years to do it!

“What, me worry?”

Martinis gave the county five days to notify VOPA “how Westmoreland County will rectify these violations of state and federal law.”

(Hat tip: Tom James’s Caroline County, VA JUSTICE Blog)

For Christ’s sake, I’m writing-in James Bowden (or not voting at all)!

Philip Forgit gets Democratic nomination for 1st Congressional District

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Democrats nominate Forgit for 1st District:

Philip Forgit of Williamsburg, an Iraqi war veteran and former school teacher, won the Democratic nomination today to run for the lst District seat in Congress.

Forgit defeated Ted Hontz, a King George County businessman, at a convention in Williamsburg.

Forgit will run against the winner of a Republican convention, which is being held today in Caroline County.

The winner will succeed Rep. Jo Ann Davis of Gloucester, a Republican who died last month.

The special election will be held Dec. 11.

Breaking: Caroline delegates disqualified

From an email:

Just got back from the convention at the high school. There are still several more hours to go before the voting is concluded. Unfortunately the Caroline delegation won’t be a part of the voting. They were disqualified at the beginning of the meeting and allowed to stay on as “honored guests.” What I wish I had a camera for was the sight of the Caroline delegation sign with a big black cloth draped over it. Very sad.

UPDATE: Some pictures that were sent to me:

caroline one

caroline two

A lot of sadness…