Arlington Deputy Sheriff Killed In Car Crash

From NBC 4 in Washington, D.C.: Arlington Deputy Sheriff Killed In Car Crash:

Arlington County’s chief deputy sheriff has died in a car crash.

Dennis Webb, 53, died Saturday afternoon in Prince William County when a driver lost control of a Jeep and hit an SUV then returned to the road and hit Webb’s car.

Police said that Scott Edgell, 47, of Stafford, was charged with reckless driving. They said speed was a factor in the crash.

No one else was hurt in the wreck.

Arlington Sheriff Beth Arthur called Webb one of the greatest guys you’d ever want to meet. She said he joined the department after retiring from a 22-year career in Prince William, where he lived.

UPDATE: From The Washington Post: Arlington Deputy Killed When Car Is Struck:

The chief deputy sheriff of Arlington County, Dennis W. Webb, was killed Saturday in one of two fatal car crashes that occurred over the weekend in Prince William County, authorities said.

Webb, 53, was “one of the greatest guys you’d ever want to meet,” Arlington Sheriff Beth Arthur said last night.

She said he joined her department about three years ago after retiring from a 22-year law enforcement career in Prince William, where he lived. He had been director of administration at the Prince William-Manassas regional adult detention center.

Arthur said Webb was married and had two sons and a 6-year-old grandchild. He was a church member, a “man of great faith,” she said. “Once you met him, within three seconds he was your best friend.”

Prince William police said a Jeep went out of control on Sudley Road about 2 p.m. and sideswiped a sport-utility vehicle. It returned to the road, went out of control again and hit Webb’s car as he turned into a parking lot, police said. Webb died at the scene; no one else was hurt.

Police said that Scott R. Edgell, 47, of Stafford was charged with reckless driving and that speed was a factor in the crash.

What a freakin’ joke…

From the AP via NBC 4 in Washington, D.C.: Former Va. ACLU President Gets 7 Years For Downloading Child Porn [emphasis mine]:

A former president of the Virginia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has been sentenced to seven years in prison for downloading child pornography.

The prison term imposed on Charles Rust-Tierney, 52, of Arlington, is one year less than the minimum sentence suggested under federal sentencing guidelines. But it’s more than the five-year term requested by defense attorneys. Rust-Tierney also received 10 years of supervised release following his prison term.

U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III gave Rust-Tierney credit for what he said was “an otherwise exemplary life” that included decades of service as a public defender in the District of Columbia representing the mentally ill. Several dozen people wrote letters to Ellis on Rust-Tierney’s behalf, and more than 20 people attended Friday’s hearing in support of him.


According to court documents, Rust-Tierney started accessing child pornography online as early as June 2004. He used his home computer to access child pornography Web sites at least five times between March 2005 and October 2006. In a two-week period in January 2006, he accessed more than 850 digital images and videos of child pornography from one Web site. About 560 images and 137 videos of child pornography were found on computers and digital media taken from Rust-Tierney’s home.

Ellis said Friday that the pornography downloaded by Rust-Tierney “was of the most abhorrent kind,” including torture and sexual assaults on children as young as 6.


Prosecutor Edward McAndrew urged Ellis to impose an eight-year sentence, in line with federal sentencing guidelines. He suggested in court papers that many of Rust-Tierney’s supporters would be less likely to stand with him had they actually seen the type of pornography that Rust-Tierney was receiving.

“The children of this country are at maximum peril when their guardians exploit them,” McAndrew said.

More details from The Washington Post: Va.’s Ex-ACLU Chief Gets 7 Years for Child Porn [again, emphasis mine]:

A former Arlington County youth sports coach and civil rights lawyer who once headed Virginia’s American Civil Liberties Union chapter was sentenced today to seven years in federal prison for buying child pornography that prosecutors labeled sadistic and masochistic.

Charles Rust-Tierney, 51, pleaded guilty in June to downloading hundreds of pornographic images of children as young as 4. Authorities said Rust-Tierney used a computer in his 11-year-old son’s bedroom to view the files, which included a six-minute video that depicted sexual torture of children, set to a song by the rock band Nine Inch Nails.


Authorities said Rust-Tierney used his home computer to purchase Internet access to commercial child pornography Web sites at least five times between March 2005 and October 2006, spending about $420. During one two-week span, he accessed more than 850 digital image and video files of child pornography on one site. Many of these files showed children under the age of 12 being forced to engage in sexual acts with adult males, authorities said.

Rust-Tierney has been in jail since his arrest.

A federal magistrate who declined to release him in March described the images she viewed as “the most perverted and nauseating and sickening type of child pornography” she had seen in 10 years on the bench.

Ellis also refused to release Rust-Tierney, saying he posed “a serious risk of harm to the community.” The judge added that “the term ‘child pornography’ does not convey the depravity” of the images that were downloaded.

Yet, more details, from WUSA 9 in Washington, D.C.: Youth Coach In Court On Child Porn Charges [again, emphasis mine]:

They say Rust-Tierney had video showing, among other things, the sexual torture of infants and toddlers. The judge said she’d never heard of child pornography that vile and said because of that, Rust-Tierney would stay behind bars until his trial.

And finally, from Bill O’Reilly (whom I can’t stand to watch or listen to): A Journalistic Cover-up [again, emphasis mine]:

Tierney apparently told the feds that he paid for the child porn using a Paypal account and then downloaded images of prepubescent girls being violently raped onto CD-Rom disks, which the authorities seized in his home.

One of the images Tierney was in possession of showed a little girl tied up and screaming while being violently raped.

And you have no control over what you do?

From WUSA 9 in Washington, D.C.: Arlington Prosecutor: Movie Theater Pressured Me Into Action:

Arlington County’s top prosecutor says a movie theater chain pressured him into going after a woman who admits she recorded 20 seconds of the “Transformers” movie. Richard Trodden tells the blog “Threat Level” that Regal Theatrer [sic] Group urged him to go after 19-year-old Jhannet Sejas.

Sejas was arrested last month at the Regal Theater at the Ballston Common Mall in Arlington. She admits she recorded 20 seconds of the “Transformers” movie with her camera. Sejas says she wanted to show her younger brother a small part of the movie.

Trodden says Regal wanted to make an example out of Sejas. Talking with the blog Threat Level, he says Regal “wanted to make sure the message gets out… This was kind of trying to address the concerns of the theatre people, and the fact that it was not an outrageous crime.” He pursued charges of filming a potion picture in a movie house against Sejas. She pleaded guilty. Trodden stresses that Sejas broke the law, but says “it was not an egregious case.”

As part of a plea deal, Sejas will have the conviction removed from her record within a year, provided she has no more run-ins with the law.

Regal Cinemas did not respond to Threat Level’s requests for comment.

Too bad no one is running against this idiot.

Are you elected by the people of Arlington or Regal Entertainment Group? The last time I checked it was the people of Arlington.

Makes me wonder if you received a political donation from Regal…