The Board of Supervisors still can’t find anything more important to do…

Than requiring building permits for fencing?! And then lying about it!

Click the thumbnail for a bigger image:

And it’s amazing how they have the nerve to lie on their own agenda:

TXT-17-2007: AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE ZONING ORDINANCE OF CAROLINE COUNTY BY AMENDING ARTICLE XV, SUPPLEMENTAL REGULATIONS, BY REPEALING AND REPLACING SECTION 2, FENCES, WALLS AND HEDGES. The purpose of this zoning ordinance text amendment is allow for fences in the front yards that exceed 3 feet in height in the Rural Preservation and Agricultural Preservation zoning districts. (First Reading)

They fail to note the requirement for building permits, but I’m sure that just skipped their minds, right?

And now some guess commentary from the person that alerted me to this outright stupidity:

The problem is there will always be unintended consequences with something like this. I met a couple at a BOS meeting who can’t build a barn for their horses in their field because their field is in front of their house. The County should not be distinguishing between front and back yards in agricultural areas (AP & RP).

What if your fence is next to a steep hill or another place where the animals can get up high? No problem, as long as you dish out the $100/$200 for the building permit to get over six feet and the $1000 for the special exemption permit to get over seven feet.

I asked the Planning Dept. about the fees and they said they won’t know until next year (after the ordinance is passed of course).

The meeting on this idiocy will be November 15th (not the 13th!) and should take place after public comments (which are done at 7:30 P.M.). So if you have to come late, at least come, and let the Board know that they’re a bunch of idiots!

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