What a joke you guys are as a news station…

From NBC 12 in Richmond, Virginia: Security, tensions run high at Caroline County school :

Parents pulled their children from classes at Caroline High School after a student was gunned down at a weekend party. Fear about retaliation for that deadly shooting prompted some parents to pick their kids up from school early Monday.

Saturday night, 16-year-old Raquel Hunter was shot and killed outside the Madison Ruritan Club. The building was rented for a 16th-birthday party and had adult chaperones.

Lashawn Monroe, 22, is charged with murder. Another teen is being investigated for possible involvement.

Raquel Hunter was a student at Caroline County High School. On Monday, fear of more violence overtook the campus.

The rumor mill started Monday morning, when someone said there was a shooting at the high school. It did not happen — neither did the teaching of hundreds of students, because of the rumor.

Parents started driving up to campus once rumors began that something had happened.

When they found out nothing had occurred, there was already another rumor running rampant: there was supposedly going to be a shootout after school.

That was the last straw for Roy Gray, who picked his daughter up from school.

“You definitely get nervous, worried,” he said.

Shannon said her classes were nearly empty by fifth period. Seeing all the sheriff’s deputies on campus may have triggered some parents’ fears once they arrived.

The sheriff said the extra security was meant to be a precautionary measure as a result of the weekend violence.

“We care about our children,” Sheriff Tony Lippa said. “That’s why we did what we did.”

There is a perception that the weekend shooting was the result of some deep-seated rivalry between two Caroline County communities: Dawn and Bowling Green.


Uh, NBC 12, are you a bunch of idiots?

You have rumors going around that there is going to be a shootout after school and you wouldn’t increase security?

Jesus Christ, Lord Almighty, I’m surrounded by idiots…

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