John Ames’s defense attorney soliciting contributions for Harvey Latney

From Craig S. Cooley (PDF link below):

I write on behalf of our mutual friend, Harvey Latney, Jr..

As you are probably aware, a few months ago Harvey learned that his longtime trusted legal assistant had stolen funds from client accounts. These thefts occurred from an estate account, as well as his trust account, and his personal earnings. The assistant has been indicted but the disposition of the stolen funds is unknown and it appears she is unable to make any restitution.

Harvey’s malpractice insurance carrier denies coverage from theft. He will litigate that coverage question in Richmond Circuit Court, but even if he prevails, the insurance coverage is inadequate and this process is time consuming.

The client losses appear to be nearly $300,000.00. Harvey does not have the personal resources to repay these losses. Obviously, despite the fact the losses result from theft, he is ultimately responsible to his clients. Of course, he depends upon his continued professional practice for income and it now appears his ability to continue practicing law may depend on quickly repaying these client losses.

We have long known Harvey to be a man of honor and integrity and an underpaid but devoted public servant. He needs our help.

Therefore, I am asking that you consider a donation to assist in the immediate repayment of these client losses. Please send any amount you can afford, payable to “Craig S. Cooley, Trust Account” so that we can keep clear records of all contributions and document all payments made to Harvey’s clients. Please reference “Harvey Latney Client Restitution” on the memo of your check.

Thank you for your help. Please let me know of any other citizen or member of the Bar that I should contact for this purpose. With kindest personal regards, I am

Very truly yours,
Craig S. Cooley

This is the same Craig S. Cooley that represented John Ames in his first-degree murder trial. This is the same Craig Cooley that managed to secure bond for someone charged with first-degree murder. He managed to secure bond for someone that had previously been charged with attempting to run over a Virginia State Trooper! Charges that Latney nolle prossed! Why is it that Latney didn’t mind Ames being released on bond but both Donna Blanton and Thomas Monroe (both also charged with first-degree murder) were denied bond?

pdficon_smallPDF of letter (recipient’s name and address redacted).

4 thoughts on “John Ames’s defense attorney soliciting contributions for Harvey Latney”

  1. This just goes to show how the crooked the Caroline Government has become. Latney is responsible for his employees, not the county. He should have imlemented an internal and external audit system that would catch internal thieves. He has made a substantial income in the past from his business and he has to pay the piper when something goes wrong. When other business owners have financial difficulties is Cooley going to send a letter in their behalf. I think Cooley has damaged his reputation with this.

    If Latney cannot manage his business better than this, he should not be re-elected.

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