Who do defense attorneys want as Commonwealth’s Attorney in Caroline County?

Why, Harvey Latney, of course; at least, that’s if you go by contributions to his campaign.

Latney has so far received $4,750 in campaign contributions from defense attorneys this election.

A special one to note is Mark A. Murphy (who donated $1,500), a partner of the Law Office of Murphy & Strickland, who is currently representing Donna Blanton. She is charged with the first-degree murder of her husband Taylor Blanton, a twenty-three (23) year veteran and a first sergeant of the Virginia State Police. A complete breakdown is below:

Name: Law Firm Amount of Contribution Certified Court-Appointed Attorney for Caroline County?
George Davis George H. Davis, III, P.C. $500 Yes.
John Lafratta Main Street Law Offices $250 Yes.
Steve Marks Steven M Marks, Att-at-Law $500 Yes.
Mark A. Murphy Law Office of Murphy & Strickland $1,500 No.
Robert Reibach Chucker & Reibach $500 No.
Kristina Fitzgerald The Law Office of Kristina K. Fitzgerald $500 Yes.
Ed Vaughn Ed Vaughn, Attorney at Law $500 Yes.
Woodbridge, Ventura, and Kelly Woodbridge, Ventura and Kelly, P.C. $500 Yes, Yes, Yes.

pdficon_small PDF (2.94mb) of the Campaign Finance Report for July through August.

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