Twitter Updates for 2010-03-22

  • @dmataconis Um, should what exactly do you suggest? Armed insurrection? (hyperbole for effect) in reply to dmataconis #
  • To quote John Crichton: “We are so frelled.” #
  • Maybe I should channel Rand and think about how this is a good thing since it will increase the rate of America destroying itself… #
  • Does anyone remember the good ol’ days when the History Channel had nothing but Nazis and Imperial Japanese on it? #
  • Am I the only one that has more important things to do than watch pretentious windbags be pretentious windbags? #
  • RT @deejaymcguire: Queen Elizabeth II called; said based on today, 1776 must have been a big misunderstanding, will take us back. #
  • RT @andylevy: THE PACIFIC was excellent tonight. And a great way to put today’s overblown rhetoric in perspective. #
  • Rampant murders, robberies, and drug dealing and the @RichmondPolice have nothing better to do than bother people parking near alleys. #
  • @DrewMTips Didn’t Goebbels say something similar? in reply to DrewMTips #
  • RT @AoSHQ: Stupak Takes His 30 Pieces of Silver In Airport Grants #
  • RT @walterolson: How do actual outlays for govt health programs match w/estimates? If lucky, only +30%,if unlucky +1600% #
  • @vpagie So, anyone that disagrees with you is a plant? Or an insurance company lobbyist? Or a racist? Anything I miss? #

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