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  • Anyone else think that the latest episode of #V was kinda anemic? #
  • My pet-peeve on the use of the English language today: "domestic violence advocates", really? Shouldn't there be an "anti-" in there? #
  • And the award for the worse nightmare of the night/day goes to the one where I needed to shoot multiple burglars but my weapon jammed. #
  • RT @Conservativa: Whoever ordered up today's weather in Richmond, VA – excellent work. Pls order more exactly like today, KTHXBAI. #
  • WTF? Since when did FEMA pay for people's remodeling or construction costs? #

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  • I find it hard to tell you/I find it hard to take/When people run in circles/It's a very, very/Mad World #
  • Someone want to explain why Amaury Nolasco seems to have disappeared during the second season of Southland? #
  • RT @RobWittman: – Constituents stopped by my office to thank me for supporting efforts to end Juvenile Diabetes #
  • RT @dmataconis: wishes that Allison Taylor was President instead of Barack Obama. #24 #
  • Why is Gray Anderson plotting as usual? #
  • And why is this "general" not in uniform? #24 #
  • @dmataconis But she's a Republican (I think). in reply to dmataconis #
  • @dmataconis It's hard to keep track of all the different Presidents. Just remembered that W. Palmer was the last elected Pres. before Taylor in reply to dmataconis #
  • Jesus, this crap is getting old on #24 How many times has this exact story-line been done? #
  • Wait, I've seen this *exact* story-line back in season three. Just replace them with Sherry Palmer and D. Palmer's mistress. #24 #
  • *Wayne Palmer's mistress rather in the last tweet. #
  • RT @dmataconis: I knew Gray Anderson was an SOB at heart. #24 #Jericho #LongLiveJohnstonGreen #
  • @dmataconis Watching #Fringe you'll get to see him get cooked to death. in reply to dmataconis #
  • @dmataconis *Watch* #Fringe that is. in reply to dmataconis #
  • @dmataconis Season 1, episode 19 to be exact. in reply to dmataconis #
  • Bah, they killed off the character played by Christina Cox; bastards. #
  • If only the Secret Service agents were as well-trained as Jack Bauer… #24 #
  • RT @DaveinTexas: The hell do they think "Trinity" refers to, a character in a movie? #
  • @dmataconis Yep. in reply to dmataconis #
  • You better watch it Dana Walsh, Jack Bauer is going to throw your ass out of an airlock. #24 #
  • Can't wait until Charles Logan shows up. #24 #
  • Trinity University's motto: "E Tribus Unum (From Three, One)" #
  • @gabrielmalor Casino Royale was great, but Quantum? Not so much. in reply to gabrielmalor #
  • Let's see, #Fringe restarts April 1 and #SGU restarts on April 2. Am I missing anything else? #
  • @gabrielmalor The whole plot was hording water, not the most interesting thing I have ever seen. in reply to gabrielmalor #
  • @gabrielmalor The revenge subplots were a lot more interesting. in reply to gabrielmalor #
  • Stop giving ideas to every guy that follows you. RT @mkhammer: So, I've been at Voyeur all day. What'd I miss? #
  • @dmataconis How old is that? in reply to dmataconis #
  • Tip: It would be a great time to do a terrorist attack in D.C. since THEY HAVE NO REDUNDANCY IN THEIR COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM. That is all. #
  • @dmataconis I am so glad that the closest I come to D.C. is the Rappahannock River. :) in reply to dmataconis #
  • In other news, I have an exam I need to study for. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-29

  • I really wish some of my instructors would post more of my grades on Blackboard… #
  • Ive done my sentence/But committed no crime/And bad mistakes/Ive made a few
    Ive had my share of sand kicked in my face/But Ive come through #
  • Does anyone have a list of Congressmen that signed the AIPAC letter? #
  • RT @allahpundit: The most hated filmmaker in America #
  • @dmataconis Stop making excuses. in reply to dmataconis #

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-27

  • To quote Die Hard: "What have we here, gentlemen? The police have themselves an RV." #
  • Does anyone know if it possible for Excel to tell the difference between a null (empty) cell and a 0? #
  • RT @dmataconis: #24 cancelled ? I blame Dana Walsh. Worst. 24 Character. Ever. (yes even worse than Kim, or the cougar) #
  • RT @HAH_2010: capitalists do it with the lights on (unlike enviros celebrate human achievement hour on Saturday night… #
  • RT @allahpundit: Silver lining if Duke wins the tourney? Atheism proved correct. #

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