And the award for the worst website for a political candidate in 2010 goes to…Krystal Ball!

Geez, her ‘new’ site is just awful.

First: It’s using WordPress. Now, I have no problem with someone using WordPress for a professional website, the problem here is the version of WordPress she’s using is five versions old. Do I really need to explain the problem of using outdated software on a website? Does she want someone to hack her website?

Second: The basic design. The most important question most people will be asking when hearing she’s running is “Who Is Krystal Ball?”. The problem? That question is answered at the bottom of the homepage of her website with white text on a gray background that’s barely readable.

Third: The images. Instead of using text on her “about” page, or her issues pages, she’s uses images. First, when the text is part of the image, that means that it’s not being indexed by Google or any search engine. The search engines can’t read the text from the images.

Second, these images are huge! Instead of using JPEG compression, she’s using PNGs. PNGs are great for something that’s just plain text, but these images combine both images in the background, as well as text, which make them huge.  For example, the two images that make up her “about” page are a total of 783.12KB. According to one website, it would take someone on a 56K dial-up connection 254.14 seconds to download the whole page.

Is Krystal Ball so ignorant of the district she’s running in that she doesn’t know a large portion of it still has to rely on dial-up internet? And what exactly is she playing these ‘consultants’, like Lowell Feld at Blue Virginia, for?

2 thoughts on “And the award for the worst website for a political candidate in 2010 goes to…Krystal Ball!”

  1. Also… her name is Krystal Ball. Which at best sounds like a bad pun in a Mel Brooks movie, and at worst sounds like a retarded stripper/porn star.

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