“Tea partiers” in the 5th against Eric Cantor before they were for him?

Last week, the various far-righters in the 5th Congressional District were incensed that Eric Cantor would dare to contribute $7,000 (through his campaign committee and his personal funds) to the Congressional campaign of State Senator Robert Hurt. These little tirades included throwing around words like “RINO” and whatnot with allegations that Cantor was not a ‘true conservative’ and so on and so forth (for an example, check out the 5th District blog).

Then came news today that certain “tea party” leaders were attempting to recruit former Representative Virgil Goode to run against Perriello, notwithstanding Goode’s lost to Perriello in 2008.

Now, I’m far from a fan of Eric Cantor (and there are posts to prove that), but maybe these “tea party” folks should go take a look at Virgil Goode’s own campaign contributions. According to Virgil Goode’s campaign finance reports (through September 30, 2009), Virgil Goode’s campaign committee has contributed a total of $1,500 to Cantor for Congress ($500 to Cantor for Congress on March 31, 2009, and an additional $1,000 on July 21, 2009).

So, what’s worse, receiving money from Cantor or giving Cantor money?

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3 thoughts on ““Tea partiers” in the 5th against Eric Cantor before they were for him?”

  1. Your blog comments would be much more interesting if they were issue based. You seem to like bashing and name calling.

    The issue is that we in the 5th district do not appreciate a national party leader from outside the district publicly coming out in support of one candidate in a primary field of seven, especially when that candidate’s has a past record of supporting big Democratic government spending.

    Up until the last few days, Sen. Hurt’s positions have been somewhat of a mystery. His website has just been updated, but it included not a single position, nor any reason for seeking the office, nor any reason to support him. He and his staff have finally corrected that omission. The positions he takes on his website now are strong, conservative positions.

    I do congratulate Senator Hurt on co-sponsoring the 10th Amendment bills this year. He needs to show more aggressive and principled leadership on issues, because what voters demand today is someone who will put the brakes on our abusive, out of control, Federal government. He needs to do much more to convince me that he can fill that role. He could begin by explaining his votes for the biggest tax increases in Virginia history. That record calls into question his commitment to the principles he espouses on his website.

    Michael McPadden is not a politician, but a citizen candidate who has entered this race because of his lifelong devotion to the principles of constitutional, limited government, as envisioned by our Founders. His life and his commitment are the embodiment of the proverb “acta non verba”, deeds not words. He served his country 22 years as a Navy pilot, and he now he is again campaigning for our American principles at great personal cost. He believes, as he says, “Liberty Wins”, but it is not free. We need to reassert the concept of government that rules only “with “the consent of the governed.” This evening, I am especially encouraged by the lesson taught in Massachusetts by a man who was able to rally the People to let their Voice be heard.

  2. Goode’s OK. Cantor is worthless. Cantor is the kind of Republican that gives Republicans a bad name: bailouts, pro-immigration, pro-outsourcing, pro-H1B visa, pro-Wall Street. He should run as a Democrat in New York, not Virginia.

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