Virgil “North American Union” Goode running in the 5th?

Looks like those crazy teabaggers are trying to draft Virgil Goode according to The WaPo.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Goode decided to run since he’s been using his campaign money to pay for campaign stuff through September (the end of the last reporting period), including phone and internet service, web hosting, and photography. And at the end of the last reporting period (September 30th, 2009), Goode still had $126,832 on hand.

The origin of the “North American Union” joke is a resolution that Virgil Goode sponsored back in 2007 which was to “[e]xpress[] the sense of Congress that the United States should not […] enter into a North American Union with Mexico and Canada” (H.CON.RES.40). For those unfamiliar with the “North American Union”, it’s the favorite topic of those one-world government conspiracy theorists which think believe that NAFTA is the end of the United States and blah, blah, blah. If you’re unfamiliar with the “literature” on that particular theory, check out Wikipedia.

And it’s always fun when a ‘free-market constitutionalist’ (or whatever those teabaggers want from Goode) is opposed to free-trade. Because capitalism is bad, mkay?

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6 thoughts on “Virgil “North American Union” Goode running in the 5th?”

  1. Stop the nasty homosexual reference please. Talk about the tea party folks all you want, but you are showing what a jerk you are with the homosexual stuff.

  2. Virgil Goode should be the Fifth District Congressman. His defeat was a fluke and he will re-win the seat handily if the Republicans can stop trying to self-destruct.

    “Tea-baggers” is not necessarily a homo reference. It has become popular slang for describing the tea-party movement, and while some do indeed laugh at the double entendre of tea-bagger, that rhetorical genie is out of the bottle and people will be calling the participants in the tea party movement tea-baggers, for the foreseeable future.

    Get over it. Your message of getting government back into the hands of the citizens is pure dynamite and nobody should allow silliness over the label tea-baggers to detract from the message of getting the government back to within its constitutional limits.

  3. @Gill
    Sure, Goode is going to return the government to its constitutional limits by voting for expanded welfare programs like Medicare Part D and receiving a half million dollars from various PACs during the last election.

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