Those Democrats sure are obsessed with people of Jewish faith.

In fact, the Democratic National Committee points out that Representative Eric Cantor (R-7th VA) is Jewish five times in a 665 word hit piece on their website:

Abramoff said that Cantor would be “the party’s most visible liaison to Jewish groups and in my view will be an important liaison to conservatives and religious Christians.”


According to the Times Picayune, Rep. Eric Cantor was “the marquee guest” at the event which sought to raise money from the Jewish community. Both Abramoff and Cantor are Jewish.


Abramoff unveiled the Eric Cantor sandwich, ‘a tuna-based stacker,’ which, lamentably, was ‘not quite [the] power lunch befitting’ the only Jewish Republican in the House. Hence a request by Cantor … to switch his eponymous sandwich to roast beef on challah, ‘a deli special that exudes Jewish power.'”

Do the Dems think that there was a conspiracy invovling people of Jewish faith?

That sounds something from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Or Hitler.

They also have a fascination with “Jewish groups” and the “Jewish community”.

What other conclusion can you draw since they pointed out that both Jack Abramoff and Eric Cantor are Jewish?

Seriously, give me one reason why that’s important to the content of the article other than to imply a conspiracy among Jews.

Is anyone else sick of this crap?

If the Jews aren’t hell bent on world domination, they’re trying to take over the Caroline County Church Softball League as people on FredTalk have insinuated.

Take, for example, posts by Susan Sili (alias: “oharascarlett”):

Why make inflamatory statements in the press?

Because it helps to build the overall case for damages aka settlement.


and according to those interviews, he has done this before, but I don’t believe everything I read.


I would imagine the way in which this was done and subsequent misrepresentation in the newspapers is enough to have the sign up pulled down. The desired effect was achieved.

Hate everywhere…

Does anyone else have problem with the fact this woman is on the Board of Directors for Caroline’s Promise?

H/t: Virginia Virtucon on the Cantor stuf

UPDATE: Ace of Spades HQ sums it up pretty well: “In six paragraphs denigrating Cantor, they rack up five points in a game of Pin the Tail on the Hebe.”

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