Heartache: Eric Cantor* supporting bailout-palooza as well.

I must say, I like Eric Cantor*. I agree with him in most situations. But this time, he’s just plain wrong:

During an election season when many Republicans had tried to distance themselves from Bush, Cantor[*] said most lawmakers were taking cues from Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. and were eager to act quickly on the plan.

“We have to do something to make sure our capital markets remain viable and remain robust,” said Rep. Eric I. Cantor[*], R-7th.

*The Democratic National Committee would like me to remind you that Eric Cantor (7th-VA) is a Jew, just like Jack Abramoff.

One thought on “Heartache: Eric Cantor* supporting bailout-palooza as well.”

  1. I don’t know. I think the article gets Cantor’s position a little wrong. I read in the Politico today that while he was supportive of taking major actions to keep the economy strong for our country – he also wanted to make sure that all his questions were answered and that currently they were not.

    I’d keep hope – I still think the guy is the real deal.

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