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How do I manage to do both of those in the same post? Because I’m just that good.

As noted previously, Caroline County will not receive funding to convert the Commonwealth’s Attorney position to a full-time position despite there being six budget amendments sponsored bipartisanly by fifteen (15) different Delegates and Senators. Somehow Buckingham County received funding to convert to full-time despite Caroline County having a population that is 66.04% more than Buckingham.

Another of Delegate Chris Peace’s amendments (besides the one for Commonwealth’s Attorney funding) was to provide $25,000 to the fund the construction of the Dawn Library. Killed.

Another of Peace’s amendments was one to provide $50,000 to Quin Rivers Inc., a community action agency, which covers the local area (including Caroline County). Killed.

Say thanks to the *bleep*s on the House Appropriations Committee.

Senator Ryan McDougle has introduced a bill, SB505, that would change Bowling Green’s charter. One of the biggest chances is the elections for mayor and town council:

An election shall be held on the first Tuesday of May, 2008, and every two years thereafter. At the election to be held in May, 2008, the candidate for the office of mayor receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected for a term of four years; the four candidates for councilmen receiving the highest number of votes, respectively, at such election shall be elected for a term of four years, and the three candidates receiving the next highest number of votes, respectively, at such election shall be elected for a term of two years; in the event that the three councilmen receiving the next highest number of votes cannot be determined because of a tie in the vote, the candidates who have tied in the votes shall draw lots to determine who shall serve the two-year term. Thereafter as the terms of the mayor and the members of the council, respectively, expire, their successors shall be elected for terms of four years. The mayor and councilmen elected at such elections shall enter upon their duties the first day of July next succeeding. Any vacancies on the council occurring other than by expiration of terms shall be filled, from the electors of the town, for the unexpired term, by a majority vote of the remaining members of the council.

In English: For the May 2008 election, the mayor would be elected for a four-year term, while the top four vote getters for the town council would serve a four-year term. The bottom three vote getters would have a two year term, then after the next election, those three seats would have four-year terms as well.

To make it simple: Mayor, four town council seats, elections in: 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020, etc.
Three town council seats, elections in: 2008, 2010, 2014, 2018, etc.

The bill would also remove the salary cap for town council members and the mayor.

This bill has passed the Senate and is currently in the House of Delegate’s Committee on Counties, Cities and Town.

Senator McDougle has also introduced SJ51, Celebrating the life of Roger William Edwards:

WHEREAS, Roger William Edwards of Bowling Green, a respected citizen and longtime general registrar of Caroline County for nearly 25 years, died on December 12, 2007; and

WHEREAS, Roger Edwards was born in Pulaski County, the son of the late Andrew and Mildred Edwards; and

WHEREAS, Roger Edwards served in the United States Marine Corps in Parris Island, South Carolina, Camp LeJeune, North Carolina, and the Naval Weapons Station at Seal Beach, California, attaining the rank of sergeant; and

WHEREAS, before becoming Caroline County registrar, Roger Edwards served as an outstanding trooper for the Virginia State Police for 10 years; and

WHEREAS, a dedicated public servant and community supporter, Roger Edwards was appointed to the position of general registrar of Caroline County on April 1, 1983; and

WHEREAS, Roger Edwards was knowledgeable regarding state and local voting procedures and served as an invaluable and experienced advisor to all local candidates that ran for public office, as well as a mentor for other registrars across the Commonwealth; and

WHEREAS, throughout his distinguished career, Roger Edwards was always willing to share his considerable expertise with his colleagues, staff members, and volunteers; and

WHEREAS, because of his wealth of knowledge and professionalism, State Board of Elections officials would often call upon Roger Edwards for his opinion regarding potential changes to voting procedures; and

WHEREAS, Roger Edwards was immensely dedicated to his community, an enthusiastic supporter of many civic activities and organizations, always available to lend a helping hand to his fellow residents in need; and

WHEREAS, Roger Edwards was a faithful member of Bowling Green Baptist Church and active in the church’s many missions in the community; and

WHEREAS, Roger Edwards will be fondly remembered for his kind and generous nature and greatly missed by his loving family, his numerous friends and admirers, and the citizens of Caroline County; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Senate, the House of Delegates concurring, That the General Assembly mourn the passing of a fine public servant and outstanding Virginian, Roger William Edwards; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the Senate prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation to the family of Roger William Edwards as an expression of the General Assembly’s respect for his memory.

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