That’s a lot of ganja.

NBC4 in Washington, D.C.: Police Find $1.3 Million Worth Of Pot In 72-Year-Old’s Car:

New Carrollton police said they found more than $1 million worth of marijuana in the trunk of a car driven by a senior citizen on Tuesday night.

The seizure, one of the largest in recent memory in the region, was accomplished by the 12-member New Carrolton Police Department.


The 72-year-old man who had allegedly hit a convenience store clerk’s car did not have a driver’s license, police said.


Upon opening the large duffel bags, police said they discovered 146 pounds of marijuana with an estimated street value of $1.3 million.


Police said they believe the drugs were just one part of a shipment. One of the eight bales officers found was numbered 199, police said.

Rice said a van that was following the Camry sped off when police arrived. Investigators said they believe the van may have been filled with the rest of a drug shipment.

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