Caroline County’s news roundup.

The Free Lance–Star: Neglected horses land Caroline man in jail

The Richmond Times-Dispatch: Bank heists jump in Richmond area:

Caroline County has had a few bank robberies over the years but none in the past couple. The sheriff’s office conducts classes on banking security and has made strides to strengthen its ties with the county’s six banks, said Lt. Col. C. Scott Moser.

“We have a great rapport with the people at the bank,” Moser said. “They know just about every one of the customers that come in, so if they see somebody that’s out of place or not the normal customer, they’ll call us. That’s an advantage to a smaller community.”

Uh…I’m not sure if they have quoted Lt. Col. Michael Hall or Major Scott Moser there. At least they didn’t make a reference to a non-existent “Lt. Col. Michael Timm” like The FL–S did.

Anyway, the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Security varies at City Hall, board rooms:

Here’s a look at security in selected locations across the region:


Caroline: The board can ask for deputies but rarely does. There are no metal detectors.

Good job there leaving out the fact that Lt. Col. Michael Hall usually attends all the Board of Superviors meetings…

And a non-answer to a question I asked the other day: the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Paying for growth:

Most Richmond and Tri-Cities localities use proffers to raise revenue for infrastructure. Legislation sponsored by Sen. John Watkins, R-Powhatan, would end the proffer system in favor of limited impact fees. Maximum

Localityproffer SB 768


Caroline $17,632 No stance

Of course, why should the county government take a stance on how the affects of future development will be paid for?

Guess they’re too busy thinking about that $2,400,000 visitors center that was paid for by proffers that should have been used for schools, roads, and public safety.

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  1. The presence of metal detectors is irrelevant. Unless meetings are held in a school, local governments in Virginia are not allowed to ban weapons. If there were metal detectors installed and someone was “caught” with a gun, they would still have to let them in with it.

    It’s a GOOD thing that we can arm and defend ourselves in Virginia if some crazyhead starts shooting at people at a public meeting. Citizens are not allowed to have guns at public meetings in Missouri, and we’ve seen how well that works.

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