Nice to see where your money is going…

Can someone explain to me why the Caroline County Board of Supervisors decided to use proffer money, money that is required from housing developers for roads, schools, and public safety, on a visitor center?

$1,100,000 of money that is supposed to go to roads, schools, and public safety, and it goes to a visitor center? What the hell is going on here?

Meanwhile, fire/EMS and the sheriff’s office can’t get a public safety building and they’re told to “rehabilitate existing facilities”; with what money?

Things that $1,100,000 could have been spent on:

  • The pay for approximately twenty-two (22) full-time deputies or full-time fire/EMS personnel for one year.
  • The technology plan for schools for the next eleven years.
  • The technology plan for planning and community development with $108,866 left over.
  • A new animal shelter with $350,000 left over.
  • 78.57% of the money for renovations requested by the Frog Level Volunteer Fire Department/Rescue Squad.
  • 69.33% of the money for the structure and equipment for a Carmel Church Fire/Rescue Squad, including a fire truck, an ambulance, and equipment.
  • 27.5% of the money for a Public Safety Building, requested by Fire/EMS and the sheriff’s office.
  • 22.92% of the money for a new radio system requested by the sheriff’s office (it’s hard to do your job when your radio doesn’t work in half the county).
  • 5.34% for a new school in Bowling Green.
  • 5.09% for a Milford Elementary School.

But apparently, the Board of Supervisors and Percy Ashcraft have bigger concerns than the education and safety of the county’s residents.

Percy Ashcraft’s Letter to the Editor
Proffers Fund for the 2007-2008 fiscal year budget

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