NBC 12 is still a bunch of idiots…

From NBC 12 in Richmond, Virginia: Following shoot-out rumor, extra security still on hand at Caroline High:

The man accused in a deadly shooting at a birthday party in Caroline County will be arraigned today.

Lashawn Monroe is accused in the weekend shooting death of 16-year-old Raquel Hunter.

Meanwhile, extra security will be on hand again today at Caroline High School.

Yesterday, more than 200 students were pulled from class by lunchtime after rumors circulated about a shootout on campus.

There was no shoot-out.

Wait a second. Yesterday, you reported that “classes were nearly empty by fifth period” and that 80% of the students had left. Now it’s only 16.4% of the students that had left. Which one is it NBC 12? Or did you just bother running a story with no official comment (except for two seconds of video from Sheriff Lippa after you criticized the Sheriff for half a minute for increasing security of all things)? If you’re going to fearmonger, at least get your facts straight. Maybe you should leave the real reporting to WTVR next time. You freakin’ mooks.

The Caroline Sheriff’s Dept. wants parents to know that deputies are only on campus as a precaution, not because they’ve heard anything reliable about a plot for revenge.

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