Twitter Updates for 2010-03-23

  • @vpaige So, anyone that disagrees with you is a plant? Or an insurance company lobbyist? Or a racist? Anything I miss? (spelling corrected) #
  • RT @bearingdrift: Web: Statements from Forbes and Wittman on healthcare passage #
  • RT @DrewMTips: Nancy says we have a right to follow our passions and have that subsidized…make mine a tall redhead please. #
  • RT @frashure: If I weren't a strict non-alcoholic, I would be plastered right now. #
  • Is it poetic that I'm watching "Serenity" right now? #
  • "A year from now, ten, they’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people…better. And I do not hold to that. So no more running." #
  • Is Chase using a cover of Sting's "Brand New Day" in their ads or is just me? #
  • Is Chase using a cover of Sting's "Brand New Day" in their ads or is it just me? #
  • Fact: Jack Bauer doesn't need a whole Roman cohort to form a testudo. #
  • And who is this douche bag NSA tech? He looks familiar. #
  • And hasn't Chloe killed someone before? Season 4 maybe? She and a witness got ambushed and the field agent that was with them was killed? #
  • Wikipedia for season 4, episode 19: She blew the guy away with an AR-15 as I recall. #
  • Renee to the rescue in 3, 2, 1… #
  • Amazing, thousands of rounds from the CTU guys and Jack, and Renee takes out guys with six shots. #
  • How freakin' stupid is this crap? #
  • Sure, no one is going to notice the smell. #
  • Wow, most shocking CTU double-cross since Jamey…oh wait, no it's not. #
  • RT @dmataconis: And now I say with pleasure Dana Walsh must die #24 #
  • Why does this guy, who was at a Washington Metro public hearing asking for higher fares, look like he was crying? #

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