Dave Marsden admits fraudulent voter registration.

A month ago Dave Marsden was saying that he was living in the 37th district, now he’s saying he will “eventually” move to the district.

In this vain, I’m hereby announcing my intention to run against State Senator Edd Houck (D-17th). I don’t live in the district currently and I more than likely won’t be in the district by the time of they do redistricting in 2011, but I guarantee you that I will be properly renting someone’s basement or guest room before I file for my run.

And I guarantee you, my future constituents, that I will move to the district following my win.

Maybe, if I feel like it.

It really depends on what the housing prices are by that time.

And if I can get a loan.

But I guarantee you!

Cross-posted at Virginia Virtucon.

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