Donna Blanton’s petition for appeal hearing granted by the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Why? Because apparently the prosecutor isn’t supposed to refute the defendant’s bizarre arguement that the prosecution is supposed to do the defense’s job.

Or something like that. You can read the defendant’s appeal here and the Commonwealth’s response here.

Frankly, Bob McDonnell needs to clear the Supreme Court of these idiots. That’s what you get when you have “Democratic” “leadership” for eight years.


  1. How much you want to bet she gets another trial?

  2. Where’s your outrage over the fact that Ms Blanton is getting a U.S. Government paycheck…for life?

    Ms Blanton is getting a portion of her first husband’s military retired pay…for life. It doesn’t matter that she is in prison, she still gets the check.

    I’m sure it’s going to the state of Virginia to pay the $100,000 fine for using a handgun to commit murder.

    Would the fine have been less if she had used a knife or a baseball bat?

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