Crazy teabaggers unite!

The following is a letter from Anna Yeisley, a member (or head?) of the “Spotsylvania County Campaign for Liberty” (the Ron Paul offshoot groups) and “Spotsylvania Patriots”; she’s also a member of that nut group, founded by Herb Lux, the “American Patriots Committee”:

Dear Senator Warner [same letter sent to Senator Webb]

Please vote NO on Senate version of Health Care bill.

What should worry every American and you, Senator [Warner/Webb] as our Virginia senator, are how chronic illnesses and cancers are increasing despite alleged advances in medical science.

There is a growing voice of common sense that links our diet with the rise and increasing incurrence of cancer and life threatening illnesses. Our medical establishment disparages the illness and cancer reversing benefits of changing our diets from animal product based to plant based. This simple inexpensive change has been reversing countless cases of chronic disease and cancer, yet the American Medical Association (backed by pharmaceutical, surgical equipment corporations and the meat and dairy industry) refuse to release statistics that show that dietary changes can be as effective (and for some people, more effective) than standard toxic drugs and body deforming surgeries to treat cancer and other life threatening diseases.

Our Congress and government have allowed the AMA to stifle evidence and confuse statistics to force our nation’s physicians to treat all disease and illness with toxic drug treatments. Do you realize it is illegal to treat cancer with any other treatment other than surgery and/or chemotherapy? Many physicians are speaking out against the ineffectiveness of treating dietary caused cancers and illnesses with toxic drugs and deforming surgeries that many of our physicians KNOW will never cure, but instead create more illness and chronic ailments and more likelihood for cancers to return.

The AMA is behind this push for governmental involvement in health care. If they had their way, there would be no cancer prevention taught to anyone so they and the corporations they represent can continue to make billions of dollars in revenue in aggressive and toxic and body deforming treatments and surgeries. At the same time, more and more physicians are waking up to the realization that lack of nutrients and toxic chemicals in our food, air and water is what is causing the majority of cancers and chronic illnesses.

You can’t treat toxicity with more toxicity!! With chemotherapy treatments costing anywhere from $800 a day to $80,000 a week – can you see the lucrative incentive in making it illegal to treat cancer with anything but toxic drug treatments? Particularly considering that 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime?

If our established medical establishment cannot see the connection between a high fat non nutritional diet and cancer and chronic disease, and relate dietary changes to reversing a good majority of life threatening cancers and illnesses; then what good is this medical establishment???? What do they know? They are ignorant and so consumed with making billions of dollars from established medical treatments that they refuse to see the death and disability caused by their ignorance.

Pushing health care upon this nation is AMA’s way of using government to continue to cover up the importance of a plant based diet to health and recovery. They are determined to use government to force Americans to be treated by invasive aggressive and often unnecessary surgeries (for our own good?) NO! For the good of the out of control and ever more powerful pharmaceutical and medical establishment.

Our nation must return to an agricultural commodity base where food is grown on our soil, free of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steroids, growth hormones, petroleum products and governmental intervention. We must return to a state of balance and health that will only come from returning to our agricultural roots where the family farm was the norm and not just a memory.

The decisions you are making every day will affect our future as no other decade. Your most important work as every other senator is to return this state to an agricultural commodity base by encouraging our citizens to consume a plant based diet to help us regain our strength, balance and health economically, physically and spiritually.

God created this planet to care for human beings. Pure food and water is elementary important to the health and life of human beings, to Americans, to Virginians and to every individual created by God.

Governmental health care will continue to move our nation away from health and towards a nation of a sick and weak citizens dependent upon drugs and tax payer funded health care in order to function.

Please vote down the Senate version of this health care bill and view with suspicion those who are pushing for it.

I urge you to view the documentary called, “Healing Cancer” available from Netflix. There is indisputable evidence all over the world that a plant based diet reverses disease and cancer. Countries all over the world accept this premise but it is rejected by our American medical establishment.

We are not safe in the hands of physicians who cannot connect high fat non nutritional diets to ever increasing incidents of illness and cancer. We are not safe with governmental mandated health care particularly if it as heavily influenced by the traditional medical establishment as is this Senate version ‘health’ care bill.

Common sense is crucially important in this nation. The Senate health bill is all about the money to be made by the traditional medical establishment that is doing so little in restoring this nation’s health.

Anna Yeisley

There’s so much good (i.e., crazy) stuff there you have to read the whole thing.

And would you be supposed to hear that she also endorsed Catherine Crabill’s candidacy in the 99th District? Shocker, right?

Some of my brethren on the right and in the small-l libertarians are annoyed at the rampant anti-intellectualism being displayed by both the GOP and their “friends” in the teabagger coalition. While I agree with them — to an extent — after all, who finds a claim that “[t]he federal government is gang-raping the people” to be a persuasive argument?

A bigger issue I see is the rampant neo-Luddism and anti-science sentiment being displayed by the crazies on the far-right: “Vaccines are bad!1!” “They caused autism!!1!” “We don’t care if dozens and dozens of studies say otherwise!!1!”, etc. And this is just another perfect example.

5 thoughts on “Crazy teabaggers unite!”

  1. We need to have civil and polite discussions. Calling someone crazy because they say things that you have never heard before, is also an example of what you call, “anti-intellectualism.” We don’t know the cause of Autism, as yet, so it is irresponsible for anyone to claim that it is caused by trace mercury in vaccines, but the studies that I have read in the New England Journal of Medicine, reported an inconclusive result. Hopefully we will soon discover the cause of Autism and find a prevention and cure.

    I support a health care program, but I seriously question the cost being proposed. If the thirty million uninsured were just added to the military or government health insurance programs that already exist, those citizens could be given basic health care, like that provided to our veterans, for $460 per family, or $230 per individual. Given an average family or four people, the thirty million could be covered with about, $3.45 Billion, instead of the 84.8 Billion proposed by the Senate bill.

    I would much prefer that we cut the insurance parasites out of the health care loop and create an American National Health Service. An American Health Service would be the model for the rest of the world, much like our military and other national programs are. With health care as part of our infrastructure, American businesses could focus on producing high quality products and services. A collateral benefit would be that age and disability based employment discrimination would be greatly reduced, since employers would no longer be saddled with the cost of a particular employee with a high risk health profile.

  2. if the tea-baggers are a _real_ movement then what is the plank and who are those signed on to that plank?

    My view of the tea-baggers basically is that they don’t even agree among themselves – that it’s basically a group of people, each of whom doesn’t trust the government in same fashion.

    so.. the only thing they really agree on is what? that they don’t like the government. right?

    so.. what would they replace it with?

    A 3rd party of conservatives? You mean a new party that will further split and fracture conservatives so that they become a permanent minority (ies) like in Europe?


  3. Seems like there is a BIG SNOW JOB here, and I do not mean the two plus feet recently dumped on us by Mother Nature (or a humorous God Almighty).

    I am referring to the Snow Job about Tea Baggers. I have been to some huge Tea Parties, but I don’t know any Tea Baggers. But I do think the folks talking about Tea Baggers are the same ones who want to continue the DAILY DC SNOW JOB perpetrated upon the American People? Pork Pie in the Trillions, and Future Generations SOLD OUT, MORTGAGED AND ENSLAVED. I say, it is time to START DIGGING OUT! WE WON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN! We Need to start by educating the People about the Constitution and a little thing called Limited Government and Enumerated Powers! Fortunately, the Democrats are facilitating the task of re-educating a populace that has been indoctrinated in government schools. They are pissing People off, and folks are actually beginning to learn what it was that started in 1776. As Franklin replied, when asked what kind of government they had created, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” The only possible way for that to happen is for the People to be the Watch Dogs. In Virginia, we are beginning on that process by replacing Tom Periello with Michael McPadden in the 5th District. whose campaign is based upon — here’s a new concept — Liberty, and Personal Responsibility. Check out his website at
    We have had a potential disaster forced upon us in the 5th district, but we are going to turn lemons into lemonade. WE are not going to tolerate a ridiculous situation in which the party nominee could win less than 20% of the total vote, with 80% of the vote being solidly conservative, but split 6 ways. There is a growing movement in the 5th district for a CONSERVATIVE CONVENTION to select OUR nominee who will face Robert Hurt in the primary. Please go to McPadden’s website. Check him out.
    The New Right starts in the 5th District. LIBERTY WINS!~

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