Ouch, and I thought VCU was bad.

How much does it cost to get a parking permit at D.C. area colleges? A lot according to The Washington Post:

Parking might be more available on campuses in some parts of the country, but in an urban setting such as Washington it comes at a high price. The AAA survey of area colleges found that the annual student parking fee at Howard University was $240. A permit for the general parking lot at George Mason University cost $225. At American University, it cost an estimated $964 to park on a Nebraska Avenue lot. In College Park, the University of Maryland charges $412 for those who live on campus and $213 for those who commute daily to school.

George Washington University students pay $550 a semester for a parking decal, and students who commute to Georgetown University pay $656 a semester to park at satellite lots in Rosslyn.

At VCU you get to pay $126 for a parking slot at their lot in the 400 block of W. Grace Street and then you get to walk half a mile to any classroom (which wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for the heat and humidity).

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