Introducing the Catherine Crabill blacklist.

Because these people shouldn’t be allowed to vote, much less be involved in a serious political party. And these people should be made aware in absolute terms that their support for this embarrassment of a candidate will be remembered and there will be repercussions for it.

Feel free to add names in the comments section for anyone I forgot.

No one on this list should be allowed to hold an position in any Republican committee or ever be nominated or endorsed by a Republican committee. Members include:

R. Allen Webb. Chairman, 99th Legislative District Republican Committee; Chairman, 28th Senatorial District Republican Committee; Chairman, Grass-roots Steering Committee for Catherine Crabill’s campaign. UPDATE: Webb is also a member of the First Congressional District Republican Committee and the Republican State Central Committee as James Cupp pointed out in the comments section.

Bill Kling. Catherine Crabill’s campaign manager.

Larry Kile. Chairman, King George County Republican Committee. Huge supporter of Crabill’s campaign.

James Cupp provides a few more names:

Jeanne Kling. Wife of “Badwater Bill” Kling; Chairwoman, Northumberland County Republican Committee; Confirmed supporter of Crabill campaign, as evidenced by Letter to the Editor published in Northumberland Echo, Northern Neck News, and Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star.

Jim Spiess. Convicted felon (unlawful wounding); Convicted dog killer (by poisoning with strychnine); Apparent leader of 99th District TEA Party; Owner, River Pools and Spas, Tappahannock, Virginia (”Catch the wave!”); Virulent promoter of Crabill campaign.

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  1. Tim: You neglected to mention that Webb (rather embarrassingly) is a First Congressional District member of the State Central Committee, the governing body of the Republican Party of Virginia. As you will recall, the RPV, through its Chairman Pat Mullins, disavowed Crabill last week.

  2. A few nominations for your “Catherine Crabill blacklist”:

    Jeanne Kling. Wife of “Badwater Bill” Kling; Chairwoman, Northumberland County Republican Committee; Confirmed supporter of Crabill campaign, as evidenced by Letter to the Editor published in Northumberland Echo, Northern Neck News, and Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star.

    Jim Spiess. Convicted felon (unlawful wounding); Convicted dog killer (by poisoning with strychnine); Apparent leader of 99th District TEA Party; Owner, River Pools and Spas, Tappahannock, Virginia (“Catch the wave!”); Virulent promoter of Crabill campaign.

    More to follow…

  3. So if you’re adding people who shouldn’t be allowed to vote because they support Crabill there’s one glaring omission from this list. . . CATHERINE CRABILL.

  4. James, I’ll update the post. :)

    Tom, actually the point is to detail people that shouldn’t be allowed to have any involved with Republican Party of Virginia activities in the future. I think Crabill has taken care of that herself, but someone needs to document her supporters so people remember who enabled this absurdity.

  5. Although you will probablly take this down, and it really dosn’t matter anyway as hardly anyone looks at this web site, I will explain my past as it is posted. Yes I was convicted of a felony,sixth degree back around 16 years or more ago, and later on I did kill a pit bull, that the jury fined me 1 dollar for. This was a pit bull that was threatning my 5 year old step son, my 16 year old step daughter, and my neighbor had bought a gun to protect himself from this same dog, another neighbor told the dog warden he was going to kill the dog if he did not do something about it. The mail lady would not deliver the owner of the dogs mail when the dog was out, and I had the dog wardent to my house several times, but because him and the dog owner were buddies, he would not do anything about the dog. I called the sheriffs department and the magistrate and was told nothing could be done, so yes after about a year of living in hell and having my children and grandchildren quarentined to the house, and having to rake leaves with a chain and mow grass with a chain as protection, I killed the pit bull, but you would never explain that would you James. It is funny that the only thing you can resort to is to attack in any low way you can. I do more community service work in a week than you do in ten years. I give more to charities and other organzations in a year then you will in your lifetime. I have been a person who devotes himself to church and to his community for the last 15 years, and I walk the walk. What do you do James, but sit at your computer and turn out smut. Is this the best you have, is your inteligence at the level of Pee Wee Herman, I would shrink to know you in any other way than the few passages we exchange on this MSNBC blog. I have met a few people that know you and it is funny that they laugh when I mention your name, for that reason I quit mentioning you. Crawl back to your rock, and slither under it, and if you come out try doing some community service work, if you can’t find any,I will let you come with me, I have been cleaning trees up from the storm in my community for the last five weeks now, I work whenever I get home in the evenings, and I work every Saturday rain or shine, I work every Sunday after church, I spend my money on the gas for my chain saw and the chipper that I bought just to clean up the neighborhood. By the way no trees fell in my yard so I did not need to spend thousands on a chipper. Before you put my past out there learn who I am, and I devote my time to the Tea Party to serve my fellow men and women, do you think I want to go to Tea Party meetings, I could be playing golf, fishing, spending time with my wife and son. Now we all sacrifice because the party you support help put this country in the mess it is in, and someone has to have the courage to stop the crazy liberals from ruining this country, and the Republicans that are in office now and most of the one running for office beside Catherine Crabill are too spineless to stop anything, including the Tea Party. James why don’t you man up and come to a Tea Party meeting in Lively on Sept 3rd. or are you like the political wanna be’s a sniffling coward. You guys want to cry because we don’t support you, well grow a set and we might support you.
    Jim Spiess convicted felon and local dog exterminator oh by the way I own two beautiful dogs, that are loving and loved and I just donated too a dog charity this week, bet you didn’t know that either did you, you goof. One more thing I did not spell check or proof read I am sure you will make note of that.

  6. Oh thanks for the free promo on River Pools, our customers are mostly for the Tea Party movement, and just for your info Nunnleys flooring just lost a deal because Larry agrees with Bolling, I believe that businesses that trash Catherine will suffer more than the ones supporting her, I know that well over 300 of my members and growing everyday will be boycotting a few Northern Neck businesses as we find out who they are. This is a battle you guys will lose, you barked up the wrong tree on this one, and again Catherine will win, I guarentee it.

  7. “It is funny that the only thing you can resort to is to attack in any low way you can . . . What do you do James, but sit at your computer and turn out smut [sic]. . . [G]row a set and we might support you.”

    Way to go, Jim. Spoken like a true gentleman. Thanks, but no thanks, for your “support” (I really want people to “support” me that possess the right to vote) and the support of the misguided rabble who have rallied around you.

    “Catherine will win, I guarentee [sic] it.”

    Jim, no offense, but the word of a convicted felon and convicted dog killer (regardless of your rambling explanation and the fact that the jury only fined you $1, you still violated that age-old wisdom of “The People’s Court” that you don’t take the law into your own hands) isn’t worth a whole heck of a lot in my book.

    BTW… Unlike you, Jim, Larry Thorne is a man of impeccable integrity and good judgment. I’m certain he and Nunnally’s will do just fine.

  8. I won’t dignify any of this with a response, merely because I have yet to personally attack anyone in regards to this debacle.

    I will, however, explain that a “secondary boycott” is illegal under federal and state laws. Mr. Spiess has the right to personally boycott any business he chooses, but he does not have the right to recommend that his “membership” do so.

    Just a friendly comment so that this doesn’t get truly out of hand.

  9. I do not know Jim Spiess very well, but I do know that you, Mr. Cupp, are not well respected in the Northern Neck as a man of political thought because of your babbling-brook of a mouth and attacking personality. The fact that you have gone after the TEA parties the way you have is embarrassing only to yourself and the ideology you purport to side with. Has your above average IQ and legal profession turned you in to a ranting, verbally self-stimulating internet bully??? I would think with such a mind you could have chosen a much more respectable path to walk down…It’s a shame..Sir…that one day you could make a positive difference in society, especially in the Northern Neck, but you elect to hide behind the keys of your keyboard and the title in front of your name…May you eventually start using your abilities to truly further the cause of conservative thought and action here in the great Commonwealth.

  10. “J.C.”… So let me get this straight… I “elect to hide behind the keys of [my] keyboard and the title in front of [my] name” (BTW… What title is that?) by using my real name on these posts? What exactly are you doing, “J.C.”?

    That I am “not well respected” by the gallery of fools who have lined up to support Ms. Crabill and her half-cocked quest for public office is a badge of honor.

    And, as I have said numerous times, I am not against the Tea Party movement generally. Had I not been at the Shad Planking, I had planned on attending the April 15 Tea Party in Heathsville. However, having heard that the event turned into a Crabill rally from my friends who attended and having seen the caliber of folks who “lead” the local branch, I have wisely decided not to become involved with that group.

    “J.C.” … Politics is a rough and tumble game. I think it was Harry Truman who said “if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” Ms. Crabill had to have known that her far-out (and easily discovered) opinions on a variety of subjects (including the Lancaster Red Devil mascot) would be a source of potential political liability to any effort she made to seek public office. If she didn’t know that, she’s much too naive for the office she seeks.

    If you allegedly know me, “J.C.”, you would know that I have never been one to hold my tongue. If you want an advocate for your cause, you don’t need someone who is afraid to speak up.

  11. If James is “not well respected,” then I hate to hear what type of political reputation I have here in the Northern Neck. I hope that I am known as what I am: a Christian, open-minded, conservatively-based average American and business owner (read Capitalist). In James’s case, I know that by many he has been considered an annoyance, YET, the most honest, caring, and intelligent annoyance to be found anywhere–a burr under the saddle of those not brave enough to read the world in the clear black and white terms that it deserves at times.

    Mr. Cupp has never hidden behind his title, which by the way, comes after his name and not before it. The title you so begrudge him was not awarded lightly and without adversity. I have never known one in the legal profession who has worked as hard to be a bulwark of honesty, decency, and compassion in his profession. I agree with him that the majority of disrespecting “politicos” in the Neck are usually those from whom he and I expect or request none.

    It is a shame, however, that Messieurs Spiess, Webb, Kling, and this new “J.C.” require derogatory comments about Mr. Cupp to disagree with his opinions. Never once have I attacked any of these individuals personally, nor have I attacked Ms. Crabill. As far as I can tell, Mr. Cupp has not either outside of the much earlier “tin foil hat” reference. I have merely stated that I feel that her extremist beliefs, questionable ties, lack of experience, and lack of understanding all come together to make her a shoe-in for Mr. Pollard. “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.” Ms. Crabill has never even been able to demonstrate an understanding of the sphere of influence connected to the post of Delegate for the 99th District House of Representatives. My opinion revolves around my belief in her inability to win, and her inability to handle the position.

    Mr. Cupp and I have been quite enthusiastic, contrary to apparent popular opinion, about the tea party movement as a whole. I wonder often, if there had been such polarization in the 1700s within our own party as is evident here, if we’d even have a country to save today. The purely rabid support of one candidate, seemingly without question, is the more dangerous path “J.C.” I recommend you read a definition or two on “groupthink,” via a Google search. Ask yourself if many of our own GOP compatriots aren’t treading down this uneasy path. I have no doubt that Ms. Crabill has been a good mother, a homebody, and what she believes to be a patriot. I have never been proven otherwise. Mr. Cupp and I merely believe that she isn’t the correct choice to defeat Pollard in November. The thought that somehow questioning one’s own party should label you disloyal isn’t only wrong-minded, it’s truly frightening. What have we conservatives become if that is to be the case? What are we but what you claim, “ranting, self-stimulating bullies?”

  12. Correction: While reading Rob Wittman’s page and typing my retort I misspoke that she was running for house of representatives, which would make Ms. Crabill’s comments about the influence of a 99th District Delegate’s make perfect sense…forgive me egregious error in that regard.

  13. Okay guys, this will be my last response,and it might surprise you. Last night I was thinking of a good response to the attacks on me, I did have some good ones, but the problem was that I was not walking the walk. I did manage to talk the talk though. Let me clear up a couple of things, first James I do not even know you, I accidently came across this blog site and read what I read then reacted. You are right in the fact that I resorted to name calling and personal attacks, for that I am sorry. Next I stated qualities that I have that are good, I however intermingled qualities that are bad, like trying to put you down. I am human, and I do make mistakes. I know now that all my work for others is worthless if I make fun of or berate others that don’t agree with me, this is what came to me last night. So James I am sorry for the things I have said to you, and I mean this from the heart. I do want you to know, you can say anything you want about me, but please leave the Tea Party members alone. We have teachers, doctors, retired military, active military, preachers, and others of good reputation in our Tea Party. We have well over 400 members now. I would like to invite you to one of our meetings if you would like. I would like to say one more thing about the pit bull, when I came home on Friday before the incident, my wife was in tears and when I asked her what was wrong, she said that the pit bull had our 5 yr old son cornered and was baring his teeth and growling at him, he did not get attacked because he did not move, my wife had to go out with the broom and get Danny to the house. I called everyone for help but to no avail, so yes I did take the law into my own hands and would do it again to protect my family or myself. I wish you the best James and one day maybe we will meet, I will be amicable, and I believe you would be too. I will try and practice what I preach, at least to my son, and that is to be kind and show love for your fellow man. Good Luck and God Bless

  14. I operate with these dogs and as far as animal behavior goes, I am a firm believer in nurture and coaching. I’ve met Jack Russell Terriers that I wouldn’t go in close proximity to again, but have never had a awful knowledge with an American Staffordshire Terrier. If you’re talking about their owners- well, which is a various story. Humans are animals as nicely, and we tend to each have our unique concepts about “moral concepts”.

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