In case you missed it, I’ve been posting quite a bit on Virginia Virtucon.

I still haven’t decided what will be posted where. Maybe state-wide stuff on VV, regional stuff cross-posted, and local stuff here?

Anyway, recent posts that you might have missed:

Former lobbyist and chief counsel to Joe Biden to get the United States Attorney post for the Eastern District?

What happens when you adopt government bureaucracy into a business.

Some more thoughts on Jody “Financial Fantasyland” Wagner’s dishonest attack on Bill Bolling.

Didn’t Steve Shannon call the whole Melendez-Diaz situation a “political stunt”?

Does The WaPo know anything about Virginia’s criminal justice system?

More on the GACRE: Speaker Bill Howell and Delegate Lacey Putney corrected both Gov. Kaine and Jody Wagner on GACRE’s purpose back in 2007.

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