Jody Wagner v. The Democratic Party of Virgina.

Someone needs to invest in message coordination. First, this e-mail from Jody Wagner in which she attacks Ken Cuccinelli:

During his comments, Cuccinelli said “I tell people this is a rematch, a math test, and a debate, along this ticket.  And I think we should just have the math test this week and end the Wagner-Bolling race right now.  Put her out of her misery!”  Well, we couldn’t agree more with a math test, so we took a look at the numbers, and posted the results below.  Now we need YOUR HELP in spreading the news:

The Warner-Kaine-Wagner Math Test


“Best Managed State” awards


“Best State for Business” awards


“Best State to Raise a Child” award

$731 Million

2004’s record new investment in public education

$1.6 Billion

2008’s record investment in higher education facilities


New jobs created in the Warner and Kaine administrations

= The Warner-Kaine-Wagner Record of Success

First, isn’t she running for Lieutenant Governor, not Attorney General? So why is she focusing on what Ken Cuccinelli has said and not her opponent Bill Bolling? She must really be on the defensive if she’s spending time responding to a wisecrack remark made by someone that isn’t even her opponent!

Anyway, check out these quotes from “Stand Up For Virginia” (get your own link), a “A Project of the Democratic Party of Virginia”, where they attack Republicans for refusing to raise taxes on businesses in the middle of a recession:

Nearly 300,000 Virginians are unemployed — with unemployment rates in places like Martinsville as high as 20.2%.



Estimated number of unemployed people in Virginia


statewide unemployment rate in Virginia


unemployment rate in Martinsville, the highest rate in the state

That’s the real legacy of eight years of Democratic (snort) leadership under Warner–Kaine folks: 20.2% unemployment in one city in our state. Wagner doesn’t get to cherry pick and talk about some stupid award that Virginia has received and then gets to ignore massive unemployment rates in the state and in particular areas, especially when the political party she’s affiliated with is using those same numbers to attack the other side of the aisle for not raising taxes.

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