The many positions of Creigh Deeds on gay marriage all in two minutes.

Shot in Fredericksburg:

Okay, his positions are the following:

1.) The voters should have a say on the legality of gay marriage so he voted twice to put the gay marriage ban amendment on the ballot.

2.) Yet he campaigned against the amendment and claims to have voted against it.

3.) He believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

4.) He believes that everyone should have equal rights.

5.) He won’t give a firm answer on whether gay marriage is a civil right.

How many contradictions are in that list? If he believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, why did he campaign and vote against the ban? If he believes that everyone should have equal rights, why doesn’t that apply to gay marriage?

And for the record, this is not intended as a hit piece. I’m just trying to get the person that wants to be our next Governor to give a firm answer on a issue and not try to play both sides of the fence.

And as for the answer regarding the right-to-work amendment to constitution: Five other states already have constitutional amendments guaranteeing an employee’s right-to-work: Arizona, ((“Arizona News & Legislation.” National Right to Work Committee. <>.)) Arkansas, ((“Arkansas News & Legislation.” National Right to Work Committee. <>.)) Florida, ((“Florida News & Legislation.” National Right to Work Committee. <>.)) Mississippi, ((“Mississippi News & Legislation.” National Right to Work Committee. <>.)) and Oklahoma. ((“Oklahoma News & Legislation.” National Right to Work Committee. <>.))


  1. Just like most liberals he is talking to the parties ultra liberal base when saying he is for “civil right” for all. I still do not see how gays can compare not being allowed to be married to segregation and not being able to vote in the south. But then again they are “progressive” democrats.

  2. Well, Deeds is trying to run as a ‘Warner-Kaine moderate’ and Moran is out trying to get the ‘progressive’ vote.

    The funny is that I wouldn’t have a problem with Deeds if he would take a real position on either side of the issue. If he came out and said “I completely support gay marriage and think the gay marriage ban should be overturned”, I wouldn’t be posting a thing about him.

    I have a problem when someone either flip-flops or takes a position out of political expediency (usually they do both at the same time) instead of an actual belief in the position.

  3. rick stroker says:

    I had wondered about Tim Watson. Now I understand. He is gay.

  4. Nice to talk to you too rick. I would love to know what logical steps you went through to come to that conclusion.

  5. Rick, those who have no arguments like most of the liberals in the word, go to name calling and attacking people when they have no argument. Tim, was asking a question to see the filp flop nature of somebody who is now the democrat candidate for Virginia’s Governor. If he flip flops on this to pander to one group of voters what else will he flip flop on? In other words no of his words can be trusted.

  6. I’m still trying to figure out what side of the political aisle “rick” is on. Gay jokes are usually reserved to a few morons on the right, but who knows?

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