99th House of Delegates Mass Meeting: Video: The Crabill supporters, including herself, speak.

Sorry, but the camera action got increasingly jerky as the meeting went on (you try to hold a camera steady for an hour!).

Just like a bunch of other ‘conservatives’, they want small government until it comes to something they want paid for, in this case money for the Chesapeake Bay. What’s the environment impact of plumbing millions and millions of dollars uselessly into the bay and refusing to actually do anything to fix the problem, like restricting fertilizing of land by farmers? Politicians think it’s great to harass Jim Bob if he wants to put fertilizer on his lawn (see Senator Stuart’s SB 135 of the 2008 session) but farmers can do whatever they want.

Carry me back to old Virginia/There’s where the cotton and corn and taters grow/There’s where obviously insane people are considered viable political candidates…

And damn those moderates that are attacking Crabill. You know, moderates such as me, Riley at Virginia Virtucon, and JR Hoeft at Bearing Drift.

And when the guy said that Crabill was ‘suspicious’ of the government just like Thomas Jefferson, I heard the unmistakable sound of Jefferson rolling over in his grave although the video camera didn’t pick it up.

How did I assassinate her character? By telling people what views she holds and quotes that she has said? That’s a weird definition of assassinating someone’s character.

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