Catherine Crabill (Republican candidate in the 99th): Bush lied, Iraqis died; McCain a “smirking, angry, bully”; Ron Paul “a seriously credentialed constitutional scholar”.

From a letter to the editor that appeared in the Rappahannock Record in their April 3, 2008 edition:

These last five years the American public and the poor Iraqis have anguished over this horrific war made worse by the fact that the decision to engage this battle was based on lies by the Bush administration.


Then there’s John McCain, the smirking, angry, bully that has ridden his P.O.W. fame all the way to this year’s Republican Party nomination.


Meanwhile, the likes of Ron Paul, a seriously credentialed constitutional scholar with the track record, intellect, and character to match, is minimized and ignored to the dust bin of history.

H/t: James Cupp in the comments section of a previous post.


  1. I will not vote Republican again in my life unless he believes totally in the original tenets of the Constitution and the libertarian revolt against the Fascism (corporatism) that we now face. It’s now or never.

    Robert Taylor
    Horeseshoe Bay, TX

  2. Heh, I forgot that mentioning Ron Paul on a blog causes his nutty fans to come out of the woodwork.

  3. Ron Paule would not know the Constitution if it smacked him in the face and introduced itself to him.

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