ROFLMAO: Catherine Crabill’s OKC Trutherism makes The Free Lance–Star.

First time I’ve liked something that Frank Delano has written:

Crabill also told the convention that she had been “beaten, humiliated and ridiculed” by bloggers who discovered a 1995 newspaper article in which she blamed the Oklahoma City terrorist bombing on the federal government. At the time, Crabill lived in New Mexico.

The Washington Times quoted her as saying:

“‘If any militia group is truly responsible for the murderous bombing in Oklahoma City, then I say, ‘Hangin’s too good for ’em,'” said Catherine Crabill of Aragon, N.M., who belongs to a group called New Mexico Citizens Action Association.

“But Mrs. Crabill said it’s her belief ‘this heinous act of violence was the work of our government,’ which will ‘use it as an excuse to aggressively attack the growing militia movement across the country.'”

Crabill denied making the 1995 statement, but, in a recent posting on her Web site,, she said: “I did and do believe that our government was culpable in the [Oklahoma City] bombing. I am not ashamed of standing with my friends and neighbors in New Mexico from the domestic terrorists known as our own government.”

How long until all these delegates that voted for her start screaming they knew nothing like typical political cowards?

For the record, I did not “beat” anyone. “[H]umiliated and ridiculed”? Sure, that was me.

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  1. So, as seems to be the norm these days, the FLS didn’t have the decency to post the margin of for/against. What was it?

    I’m really upset that I overslept and missed the Convention. Rest assured that Richmond County would have been majority against had I been there!

    And do I qualify as a “blogger” now? All I did was e-mail out your postings here, but that led to front page coverage in the Northern Neck News and my description as “an inveterate Internet cruiser.” I’m fairly certain I didn’t beat anybody, either. (I would have posted the article here, but the NNN didn’t post it to their website and I haven’t had time to retype it.)

  2. The final margin was Yes: 83.70, No: 47.30 if I’m hearing Webb correctly on my video (audio isn’t the best).

    I wasn’t aware that the stuff had made the Northern Neck News (outside my usually news reading area). With it hitting The Free Lance–Star now, the Associated Press (AP) might pick it up since the paper is an AP affiliate and God only knows how many papers and other news agencies might run it if that happens.

    Maybe those folks will grow a brain and realize how insane and bad to the Republican Party this candidate is. I expect the majority to yell out “I knew nothing!” and complain that Webb failed to vet the candidate properly when they knew what she had said or chose to remain blissfully ignorant.

    Oh well, lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

  3. First of two e-mails sent out this early morning…

    Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2009 4:21 AM
    To: [REDACTED]
    Cc: [REDACTED]
    Subject: Pt. 2: 99th District GOP “Jumps the Shark”

    To all,

    I hope the Bush-bots who so virulently defended Ms. Crabill in e-mail responses within the past few weeks will appreciate this little nugget from barely a year ago:

    “These last five years the American public and the poor Iraqis have anguished over this horrible war made worse by the fact that the decision to engage this battle was based on lies by the Bush administration.” — Catherine Crabill, Letter to the Editor: “Where is Ron Paul when you need him?”, Rappahannock Record, April 3, 2008, page A4

    I don’t want to hear any buyer’s remorse from them. This was easily found. Had they done their homework, they’d have known about it.

    James LeRoy Cupp

  4. Second of two e-mails sent out this early morning…

    Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2009 5:18 AM
    To: [REDACTED]
    Cc: [REDACTED]
    Subject: Crabill on School Mascots

    To all,

    And then there’s this letter to the editor Ms. Crabill penned barely eighteen months ago… (For those not from the ‘Neck, the Lancaster High School mascot is the Red Devil.)


    Unhappy with ‘Devil Country’
    Letter to the Editor
    Rappahannock Record
    October 18, 2007, page A4

    As I drove through Lancaster last weekend I was struck by a banner hung in front of Lancaster High School, “Welcome to Devil Country.”

    I associate Devil with death, destruction, sin, darkness, evil, wickedness, deceit, selfishness, pride, arrogance, haughtiness, self-indulgence, faction, divisiveness, dishonesty, lies, injustice, dishonor, resentment, fear, worry, unrighteousness, delusion, damnation, the antichrist, temptation, adversarial, sensuality, perversion, lust, pain, anguish, suffering, rejection, brokenness, bitterness, unforgiving, strife, vanity, witchcraft, idolatry, hatred, seditions, heresy, envy, murder, drunkenness, addictions, adultery and hell.

    Why is this our high school mascot?

    Catherine Crabill


    And here is a sample of community reaction, from the Rappahannock Record:


    Proud to live in ‘Devil Country’
    Letter to the Editor
    Rappahannock Record
    November 1, 2007, page A9

    Shame on “Unhappy with ‘Devil Country'” for attempting to put such a negative twist on Lancaster High School.

    Perhaps the writer was ignorant to the fact that the week of October 15 was the school’s Homecoming/Spirit Week.

    Students from all grade levels at the high school began preparing the week prior. Walls were decorated before and after school by students and staff. Some even pushed their weekend aside to put on the finishing details.

    The junior and senior classes somehow managed to find to time to design floats for the Friday night parade.

    By mid-week the temperature began to rise and positive energy permeated throughout the building. By Thursday, the entire school system was engulfed with spirit. The middle school cheerleaders called and asked if they could march in the parade.

    A faculty member from the middle school wanted to sell the high school cheerleaders’ “Spirit Ribbons” at her building because the students there wanted to be a part of the excitement.

    The primary school sent over a banner with read [sic], “LPS Says, Good Luck Red Devils!” It was appreciated and proudly hung in the high school commons for the student body to see, along with the “Spirit Walls” designed by each grade level at the high school.

    By the time Friday arrived, you could almost reach out and feel the pride of the “Red Devil Community.” The parade began at 6 p.m. with superintendent Susan Sciabbarrasi leading as the grand marshal (a first in my six years with the school system).

    Before the game and at half-time, the award-winning “Red Devil Marching Band” performed several selections including “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” and they were fabulous, bringing the overflow crowd to its feet with applause, admiration and sheer awe.

    The nicest compliment came from a W&L (opposing team) parent — “You put a lot of effort into your students. The parade was really neat. Half-time was great. It was first class.”

    When I think back on the week’s events, these and the words that come to my mind [sic]: pride, joy, excitement, anticipation, dedication, loyalty, teamwork, consideration, selflessness, support, respect, involvement, commitment, enthusiasm, community, success, delight, legitimate, allegiance, faithful, connected, high spirited, fellowship, sportsmanship, strong work ethic, elation, gracious, trustworthy and fun.

    My wish for the writer is that she can manage to escape from the tiny box in which she chooses to contain herself so that perhaps her heart and mind can be healed. The air is so much more pure when you can “think outside of the box.”

    I live in “Devil Country-Red Devil Country,” and I’m proud of it. I don’t associate anything evil with it. “Go Red Devils!”

    Valerie Beck


    Proud of Red Devils
    Letter to the Editor
    Rappahannock Record
    November 1, 2007, page A9

    I am a Red Devil. I have been since I started in the Lancaster County School system. I proudly wear my Lancaster Red Devil t-shirts and I hold my head with pride as I announce that I am a student at Lancaster High School, Devil Country. I value everyone’s opinion on the perceptions of the devil, but I cannot help but disagree.

    Both of my parents attended Lancaster High School. They were Red Devils. The Red Devils are part of my identity. I do not see why we need to analyze the symbol to the point of slaughter. The Red Devil is a symbol of pride and unity. Let’s not give our admired symbol any less respect than it deserves.

    Genevieve Campagnola
    White Stone


    Leave the Devil alone
    Letter to the Editor
    Rappahannock Record
    November 8, 2007, page A4

    Ever since I can remember I have been a “Red Devil.” I and many of my Lancaster County alumni are proud to be “Red Devils.”

    When you think of the “Red Devil” you may think of death, destruction, sin, darkness, wickedness and so on, but you cannot link that to the students, alumni, or faculty at any of the Lancaster County schools.

    I understand that the community is growing and more people are moving here from all over and come from different backgrounds and cultures, but there is no excuse for them to try to change the lives or background of the community that has been here all along.

    I look forward to Friday night football and coming out and supporting my younger “Red Devils,” not just in football, but in every activity the school has to offer: the band, baseball, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and so on.

    I am very proud to be a “Red Devil” and look forward to many years of being one, and if you don’t like it, the same road that brought you here can carry you away.

    Travis Rice


    A word of advice to recent “come-heres” wishing to run for public office on the ‘Neck (I, too, am a “come-here,” 25 years ago): Don’t go out of your way to upset potential voters with fringe, “immoderate” comments that make your potential candidacy “almost a caricature.” Folks in the ‘Neck are happy with the way things are and don’t need a bunch of outsiders coming in and telling them how to change things, especially those who aspire to represent them in public office. A local candidate (for example, Del. Albert Pollard) already has a huge advantage in a contest with a “come-here.” That’s without a history of prior self-destructive comments to the press by the “come-here” (especially ones made in the “come-here”‘s adopted county about something beloved by locals).

    James LeRoy Cupp

  5. OK… One more e-mail (actually the first one sent), for purposes of full disclosure (and high comedy)…

    Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2009 3:18 AM
    To: [REDACTED]
    Cc: [REDACTED]
    Subject: 99th District GOP “Jumps the Shark”

    To all,

    I really am upset with myself that I overslept and did not make it to the 99th District Convention yesterday. I’m not certain what the margin of “victory” was for Crabill, but I could have at least tipped the balance of Richmond County to the “against” column.

    What strange bedfellows politics makes! While I am in agreement with the sentiment of Adm. Fountain that she lacks the ability to win, I can’t even go as far as he did to say that “[h]er views will appeal to the faithful.” What faithful? Republican faithful? “Black-helicopter” faithful? Tinfoil-hat-wearing faithful? Comet-awaiting Nike-wearing cult-member faithful? And I cannot disagree more with Bob Barlow, who I supported during the ’99 primary.

    And this is really not going to help the remaining fragments of the “social conservative” movement in Virginia to be lumped in with Crabill. I bet McDonnell and Bolling and ? will love getting questions about Oklahoma City if they dare to come within 50 miles of this district during the Fall.

    Damn those (conservative!) bloggers who have “beaten, humiliated and ridiculed” Ms. Crabill with her own words (from the past 3 weeks!)! Especially the one who photoshopped the tinfoil hat!

    The “Big Tent” Has Gotten Too Big Quotes of the Day
    “She’s a good candidate, a strong candidate, and she believes what we all believe.” — William H. Evans, III, Irvington Town Councilman, apparently confused as to the meaning of “good” and “strong” and saying that all Republicans believe that the U.S. government was culpable in the death of 168 citizens in the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City… Hmm… I guess I’ve never been a true Republican, then, because I don’t believe the sort of conspiratorial, Freeper, kook nonsense that Crabill has espoused on numerous occasions (and, yes, I’m saying that after numerous warnings not to speak freely from certain long-winded, self-important types!)

    “She believes in the same things we do. She speaks to what we believe. She’ll stand up for it when she’s elected.” — Robert J. Barlow, Esq., former Chairman, King George County Board of Supervisors, and 1999 candidate for 99th District House of Delegates District Republican nomination… All I can say is this: Thank God she’ll never be elected… We don’t need anybody in Richmond standing up for any of this!

    James LeRoy Cupp

  6. Dear Lord, I wonder what this woman’s position on the 9/11 attacks is. Does she believe that Bush was responsible for them?

    But come on, the committee had to nominate her. After all, she’s a Christian and not a moderate.

    I swear to God, that’s what eight people said one after another.

  7. Taking Mr. Goldwater’s words about extremism too literally, perhaps?

    So was there a hue and cry about taking a vote whether or not to nominate her rather than just giving her the nomination based on being the only candidate?

  8. James, have you ever seen the episode of King of the Hill where the woman is trying to ban Halloween celebrations because they’re “Unchristian” or whatever? If so, who does that remind you of? :)

  9. “Taking Mr. Goldwater’s words about extremism too literally, perhaps?”

    I don’t follow.

    “So was there a hue and cry about taking a vote whether or not to nominate her rather than just giving her the nomination based on being the only candidate?”

    A couple of the people wanted it to be clear in the rules that it was alright to vote for no candidate. Webb refused to let a motion for an amendment of the rules go forward however and said there would be a vote to approve her as the nominee or to have no nominee.

  10. Re: Barry Goldwater

    “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” — Goldwater Acceptance Speech, 1964 Republican National Convention

    Seems Crabill has taken these words a little too much to heart regarding the place of extremism in political discourse…

    I haven’t seen the particular “King of the Hill” episode to which you refer, but I recall some far right-wing types I knew at U.Va. who celebrated the “harvest festival” and saw Halloween as the instrument of the devil, or some such foolishness. Umm… Wasn’t the purpose of Halloween to scare off evil spirits before All Saints’ Day (November 1)?

    Well… It’ll be really fun if Crabill goes on an anti-Halloween tirade at some point right before the election. Maybe Pollard can dress up as Smokey the Bear and really get her going!

  11. It seems as though Messrs. Watson and Cupp are having quite a heydey at Ms. Crabill’s expense.I do not agree with some of her views but I have met her on a few occasions and I can assure you that she exhibits class and dignity,something that you both surely lack based on the snide juvenile comments which you have submitted.It is very easy to sit back in your anonimity and assail those with the guts to get in the ring.It’s another to get off of your sissified pseudo intellectual butt and actually do something.

  12. It doesn’t take very much to “get in the ring.” Guts is about all it may take, and it is still up for debate how much of that qualification really is necessary. $250.00 and a few signatures and you’re in the ring.

    Mr. Cupp and myself (as well as Mr. Watson presumably) do consider our blog posts and email thread commentary to be “getting off our butts and doing something,” as you so crassly put it. Most of us are capable of much more eloquent choices of words, however.

    Ms. Crabill has shown a level of dignity in the few times my path has crossed hers. One might, however, question whether blue jeans were the best mode of dress for the convention evening but perhaps she was attempting to appeal to what she considers her base–good, decent, hard-working folk who don’t throw on armani just to elect their party officials.

    My feeling has been that there are many like Ms. Crabill with whom I can agree on many things, but who choose to make outlandish statements that make all other agreements moot. Say President Bush had come out in favor of ending home schooling (a hypothetical); would we have continued supporting him for all the other tenets on which we based our original support?

    So far the only juvenile commentary I’ve seen has been a mention of a satirical television program and a photoshopped tin foil hat. If that’s all you can be fired up about, it’s easy to see how blindly you’re treading into groupthink with a large portion of the 99th.

    And since you think there is action to be taken, please enlighten Mr. Cupp, esq. , Mr. Watson, and myself as to what that action is. Our outspoken opposition to a candidate who promises only to embarrass us (and the rest of the ticket) in November, I feel is about all we’re capable of doing at this point. The 99th has made its bed and it will have to pull the covers up over its head and lie comfortably in it.

  13. To my fellow 99th district members,
    I was a delegate to the 2009, 99th district convention. I want it made perfectly clear that NOT one member of the Caroline County delegation voted for Ms. Crabill. We tried in vain to have no candidate rather than have a fringe lunatic representing us.
    Ms. Crabill let us know that if she were refused the nomination she would run as an Independant. To my way of thinking, her statement shows she has no loyalty to the Republican Party. Her loyalties lie in promoting her own self-serving actions. She and Arlen Specter are cut from the same cloth.
    Please, to those of you who think the 99th District has lost their mind, be advised there was a core group who fought tooth and nail to keep Ms. Crabill OUT! We were over voted by the delegates from The Northern Neck. We have to follow proceedure and the rules layed out before us at the convention. I assure you, in the voting booth, much to my chagrin I will not cast a vote at all for our 99th District position.
    Tina Gambill

  14. OH! and by the way. I was the lady that 2nd both motions to try to block her nomination!
    Tina Gambill

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