2 thoughts on “Yet another reason not to use mercury bulbs (CFLs)…”

  1. Wow what a total idiot that is not a mercury light, you have to be a complete and absolute knucklehead not to see its a cfl. A mercury bulb is about 100 times that size, found outside and generally mounted with some deep a$$ screws.
    And yet he posts about idiots. Here is one last thought. That bulb you are showing is an equal to an indacandescent bulb twice its size, this said it would generate 2x’s or more heat.
    Bet next time you screw one in, you wont over tighten it, or better yet, maybe you will match the proper bulb with the proper light socket / circuit load.
    What a complete idiot, a lower watt bulb causing that. PICK THE RIGHT (*&*^%$ING BULB TO START WITH>

  2. Oh P.S How many times have you ever started to repace a bulb, and due to heat it melted the ^^&%ING socket?
    Yeah try telling me never, Its the same cause too much heat on the circuit, over tightened ( dont get me started on needing pliers to remove a regular sh1t bulb), or old a$$ light fixture /wiring /socket to begin with.

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