Does Bobby Orrock think his district “looks like a West Virginia subdivision”?

Apparently so:

The House of Delegates yesterday killed a bill regarding “wind energy drying devices.”

Sounds fancy–until you realize that a “wind energy drying device” is, essentially, a clothesline.


First, delegates amended the bill to make it apply only to community associations in Northern Virginia.

That prompted Del. Bobby Orrock, R-Caroline, to join the debate.

Orrock said the policy should be uniform statewide and not apply just in Northern Virginia.

He said that in some areas in his district, “they have strung clotheslines from tree to tree to tree.”

Orrock earned himself some groans by adding that if the bill passed, Northern Virginia homeowners would “start screaming, ‘This looks like a West Virginia subdivision.'”

Will someone — anyoneplease announce that they are running against this buffoon?

4 thoughts on “Does Bobby Orrock think his district “looks like a West Virginia subdivision”?”

  1. How does this IDIOT think his great-grandmother, grandmother and mother dried thier clothes. It is no shame in drying your clothes on lines. I am a proud West Virginian. I’m just glad I don’t live in his district because I sure would be a votin him out when the time comes. But I have been in his district, go figure. I hate snobs, why put WVA down. We have a beautiful state. We’re just not snobbish.

  2. I’m offended!!!!!!Why didn’t you say Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, or scores of others. The remark wasn’t necessary anyway.

  3. Well … of all the things I might have found myself thanking Bobby Orrock (aka the ‘Delegate from HSUS’) for, reminding me to get the clothes in off the line ranks close to last.

    Dear Del. Orrock:
    Our main clothesline runs from a tree to the old shop building. Alt.clothesline runs between two trees. Filling both lines (which being the breeders of a litter or so of whippets/year, we do sometimes) saves us around 6-10 kWH.

    We have significant extra expense caused by the need to fight the animal rights laws that Del. Orrock promotes. If he were on our side, we’d have a lot less trouble with such rubbish and we might spend some of the money running the dryer … or maybe not.

    As to ‘would someone please announce that he (or she) is running against this buffoon,” AMEN. Where’s Kim Kinchaloe when we need her? (Just kidding …)

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