More proof that The Free Lance–Star doesn’t know jack about Caroline County.

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The vast expanse of forest at A.P. Hill helps buffer noise from firing ranges. So the post has been working with conservation agencies to obtain conservation easements on land outside the gates to maintain that separation and restrict incompatible development.

I’m sure the folks at Port Tobago (just east of Port Royal) would love to know that the forest dampers the noise from the new explosive disposal training facility that’s right across the road from them.

I’m sure the folks in Bowling Green would also love to know that they don’t hear any of the noise from A. P. Hill because of the forest, either.

Out of curiosity, is the town of Bowling Green an “incompatible development”? Are they going to annex the town and bulldoze it? (Fingers crossed!)

Fort A. P. Hill has a lot of nerve to be whining about development around its borders when they bring nothing into the county.

The civilian staff that they hire is nonexistent compared to other places (e.g., Dahlgren). They bring in no commercial development compared to Dahlgren either. They pay a couple thousand dollars every year ($3,140 in FY07) in return for their tax-exempt status. If that land was privately held, the county would probably getting a hundred times that amount.

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