Quantum of Solace: All action, no plot.

Just saw the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace.

While most of the action scenes are pretty good, although the constant changes in camera angles can make them a little hard to follow at times, the storyline sucks.

The previous film, Casino Royale, actually spent time developing the characters, presented a legitimate villain (a financier of terrorism), and had suspenseful scenes. It was good change from the usual gimmicky villains and plots of the previous films.

I expected the same from Quantum of Solace and it failed to deliver.

Seriously, what was the villain planning in this one? Horde water and extort money out of the Bolivian government?

Wow, I’m so scared!

The only storylines that were really interesting were the ones continued from Casino Royale, specifically Bond out looking for revenge. But even that really didn’t go anywhere.

Ugh, maybe next time.

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