What a miserable failure: Jim Gilmore wants you to pay off a loan from himself!

Seriously [emphasis in original]:

While I wish the election results in Virginia had been better, I am not discouraged and remain resolute to the mission of doing my part to rebuilding our party. The people of Virginia clearly are seeking a new direction, but I believe this election will not deliver to them the change that they are seeking. We must renew our party and use our principles to solve the problems that our state and nation face. We must be the party and the leaders who take the state and the nation into the future.

As I close the campaign, there is an outstanding debt of $50,000 from the final campaign activities. I want to continue to play a role in restoring our party and adding to the public debate of the future. It will be difficult to play this role with this unresolved debt. If you can help me one last time with a contribution of $100, $75, or even $35, I would be most grateful.

The easiest way to do this is click on the box below to make a credit card contribution. If you want to send a check, you may make it payable to: Gilmore for Senate and mail it to 25 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219.

The $50,000 debt is from a loan from the candidate himself (FEC).

Since the idiot [Gilmore] decided to put his money into his failed campaign, now he wants you folks to pay it off!

Out of curiosity, if we agree to pay this debt off, can we make it conditional? Maybe require that Gilmore never run for another elected position again?

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