What a miserable failure: Jim Gilmore wants you to pay off a loan from himself!

Seriously [emphasis in original]:

While I wish the election results in Virginia had been better, I am not discouraged and remain resolute to the mission of doing my part to rebuilding our party. The people of Virginia clearly are seeking a new direction, but I believe this election will not deliver to them the change that they are seeking. We must renew our party and use our principles to solve the problems that our state and nation face. We must be the party and the leaders who take the state and the nation into the future.

As I close the campaign, there is an outstanding debt of $50,000 from the final campaign activities. I want to continue to play a role in restoring our party and adding to the public debate of the future. It will be difficult to play this role with this unresolved debt. If you can help me one last time with a contribution of $100, $75, or even $35, I would be most grateful.

The easiest way to do this is click on the box below to make a credit card contribution. If you want to send a check, you may make it payable to: Gilmore for Senate and mail it to 25 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219.

The $50,000 debt is from a loan from the candidate himself (FEC).

Since the idiot [Gilmore] decided to put his money into his failed campaign, now he wants you folks to pay it off!

Out of curiosity, if we agree to pay this debt off, can we make it conditional? Maybe require that Gilmore never run for another elected position again?

Thoughts on the 2008 election: Can we have a do over?

Maybe, this time around we will have a primary instead of a convention to select the Republican Senate candidate, so that idiot Jim Gilmore doesn’t get nominated.

The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) went out of their way to piss off Tom Davis by doing a convention — which would mean his NOVA Congressional district would have less representation in a convention compared to a primary — and it helped to cost them a Senate seat.

While Tom Davis might not have won, it wouldn’t have been a crushing 30% defeat. It would also have helped whoever the Republican Presidential candidate would have been (more on that later). The Republicans would have probably have held on to the 11th Congressional District too. Instead, now, we have that complete idiot Gerry Connolly (D) in Congress now. Bravo.

Now, that the certified loser Jim Gilmore has lost yet again, does that mean he will finally retire from politics? Or will he do the Alan Keyes thing and pop up anytime he has a chance to screw something up?

As for the Presidential nominee: Of all the bloody people that could have been picked during the early primaries, conventions, and caucuses; those people chose John Freakin’ McCain.

The guy is hated by many so conservatives and the party identification of the exit polls showed that. The only reasons that some conservatives showed up at all was due to Sarah Palin. But like most Vice Presidential nominees, it usually isn’t enough for them to accomplish whatever his/her reason for being picked was (making the base happy, trying to pick-up his/her home state, etc.)

Those early conventioneers and primary voters could have chosen Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, or Rudy Giuliani. Sure, those candidates had their weakness — Thompson’s age, Romney’s Mormonism, or Giuliani’s less than stellar reputation with the social cons — but they would have done a hell of a lot better than McCain.

Those early voters chose McCain because he was “the most electable candidate”.

Good to see that worked out well.

And Ace of Spades HQ has a great post about McCain’s problems:

There is no “McCainism” as there was a “Bushism” or “Reaganism.” Those men offered fairly clear visions (well, Reagan particularly so). Not McCain. Everything with him is just his personal gut, principle-free, just an instinct, an impulse, which often takes him in wildly contradictory places (but he’s always haughty about the moral superiority of his decisions).

For example, he’s pro-drilling… but not in ANWR. Um, why? He’s forever undercutting himself with unexplained hedges and caveats.

He’s pro-business… Kinda. Except when he’s making his distaste for anyone working in the private sector “for profit not patriotism” so glaringly evident.

He wants to lower taxes. Sorta. Sometimes. Maybe. In election years.

We must regard Obama as suspect because of his association with the terrorist Bill Ayers… but it’s racist to mention his membership in Jeremiah Wright’s Church of Hate.

This leads to a paralysis among his campaign staff. Everyone knew, pretty much, the Idea of Reagan. They could act independently with confidence that they were advancing Reagan’s goals.

No one could do that with McCain.

Read the whole thing, as they say.

Mark Warner admits he called Christians, pro-lifers, home schoolers, and the NRA a threat to America.


Gilmore Campaign Demands Warner Apologize for the Remarks and for Lying About Them

Alexandria – The Jim Gilmore for Senate Campaign released a statement today after Mark Warner admitted this weekend that he made disparaging remarks about people of Christian faith, pro-lifers, home schoolers and NRA members — calling them “threatening” to “what it means to be an American”:

“After repeatedly denying for years that he made these intolerant statements, Mark Warner this weekend finally owned up to the hurtful remarks after an audio recording of him making these demeaning comments was made public, ” said Ana Gamonal, the Gilmore Campaign Communications Director.

“What is even sadder than his admitting that he had lied, after of years of denial, is the best Mark Warner could offer was that his comments were perhaps “over the top” and that he had “learned a lot” since then, with no offer of an apology to the people he attacked by inferring they were un-American,” Gamonal said.[1]

“Mark Warner owes Virginians several apologies. One, for making these statements in the first place; Second, for repeatedly “angrily” denying he did so and calling those who were confronting him on it, “disrespectful”, when in fact he was the one being disrespectful.[2]And third, for his lack of sincerity throughout this entire Senate campaign, where he has attempted to paint himself as a “centrist”, while at the same time attesting to the sentiments expressed in these statements, by affirming he would not support Supreme Court justices like of Justice Scalia or Justice Thomas, calling them “out of the mainstream,” Gamonal declared.[3]

“Now, Virginians will be able to hear first hand and in his own words, how Mark Warner really feels about so many of the values Virginians hold dear.”

Click here to hear the audio recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpicD6UIq8A

“One of the things you are going to see is a coalition that is just about completely taken over the Republican Party in this state and if they have their way it’s going to take over state government. It is made up of the Christian Coalition, but not just them. It is made up of the right-to-lifers, but not just them. It’s made up of the NRA, but not just them. It is made up of the home schoolers, but not just them. It’s made up of a whole coalition of people that have all sorts of differing views that I think most of us in this room would find threatening to what it means to be an American.”

Mark Warner, May 1994


[1] Quotes taken from the Northern Virginia Daily 10/11/08
[2] Quotes taken from the Richmond Times-Dispatch 10/31/2001
[3] Quote taken from the Virginian Pilot 10/4/08

Here’s the video again:

Pass it along.

RWL: “Warner’s explanation: Who are you going to believe? Me? Or your lying ears?”

Check out it out. A sample:

This will cause some fun in the blogosphere and at the very least a major hiccup for Warner, but it’s emblematic of a larger issue with Marky Mark. The Dem nominee is the poster-boy for the “limousine liberal” (as Bob Novak calls them), wealthy politicos who vote for the Democrats on social or foreign policy issues, but mainly driven by an elitist snobbery that has no use for ordinary Virginians or what they think.

Read the whole thing as they say.