99th HoD (House of Delegates) Watch: Lee Anne Washington still has an open candidate committee.

At the end of the February 20th – June 30th reporting period, Lee Anne Washington — who lost 42.39% to 57.58% against Albert Pollard in the February 19th special election to fill now-Congressman Rob Wittman’s former seat — still had an open campaign committee with a $292.68 balance.

Of course, she also has $761.38 in debt for advertising from the Lakeway Publishers of Virginia (publisher of The Caroline Progress amongst others), Northern Neck Buyers Guide (one of those real estate listing publications, I believe), and The Journal Press Inc. (owner of the King George-based The Journal).

Since when did newspapers set up payment plans for advertising, out of curiosity?

It should be noted that just because someone still has an open campaign committee isn’t necessary an indicator that they plan on running for a seat. Right now, Rob Wittman’s House of Delegates campaign committee is still open and has a $19,876.94 balance as of June 30th.

It’s also interesting that Wittman didn’t bother donating any money to Lee Anne Washington’s campaign as well when he has a $19,876.94 balance on a committee he has no need for; especially when the money can’t legally be used on his Congressional race…

3 thoughts on “99th HoD (House of Delegates) Watch: Lee Anne Washington still has an open candidate committee.”

  1. I think you are secretly in love with Lee Anne! You are what they call in the biz a cougar catcher, my friend!

  2. I’m not the one that pops up at every mention of Lee Anne Washington, cougar catcher.

    Out of curiosity and since you seem to be such great friends with her, is she going to challenge Ronald Webb for the Republican nomination in the 99th?

  3. Don’t know! If you were a legitmate news source and not a rumor mill, you might be able to call her and find out yourself!! Let me know how that goes for ya.

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