Is Obama’s campaign “off track”?

Subject of e-mail sent to his supporters (no, I’m not a supporter): “Get the conversation back on track”.

Obama’s campaign, of course, blames that big, evil John McCain.

I guess McCain has been going around stealing Obama’s milk money or something.

Now, I ask you: Whose campaign is “off track”?

What campaign has their blogger buddies going around stating that the opponent’s Vice Presidential pick faked her pregnancy to cover up for her daughter?

What campaign has their buddies in the media attacking the VP pick using those oh-so-greatly-fact-checked claims by the same bloggers?

What campaign is mocking his opponent because his opponent has difficulty using a computer due to torture suffered while serving his country in the United States Navy?

Why, hot damn, that would be Barack Obama’s campaign!

Is this election over?

No, far from it.

In fact, there’s probably a dozen or so October/November surprises left, but Obama’s campaign can’t stay on message and that’s a problem for them.

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